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  • Price $97.50 EACH

The all new Freeman Multi-Purpose Net is sure to be your new favorite for its shape and shorter handle.  

The net shape makes it easier reaching cats in cage corners and recapturing escaped cats under cages. 

Strong and lightweight makes it perfect for field work since the shorter 18” handle helps to get into tight spaces and avoid hitting walls and obstacles. 

Use the locking cord to safety secure the animal in the bottom of the net. 

Dimensions: 36” deep net bag,  bag opening 16” W X 17” L, Net handle is 18”. 

Total length tip to tail is 36”.

Complete unit weighs under 2lbs.


Safely Contained

A secure net environment is more gentle.



A military grade cord lock  helps keep animal secure in the netting.


Safer Carry 

Carry by cords to keeps hands away from animal.


Tangle-Free Mesh

The small mesh size greatly reduces the chance of tangling and makes for easier releases. This mesh also helps reduce the risk of damaging or splaying the feathers of birds.


Netting Stretches

Netting stretches to accommodate animal.

It worked

Needed to catch a semi-feral cat - previous attempts to stuff her in a carrier were less than successful - and was able to with the net. The net held her quite nicely & the cinch cord kept her from escaping. Surprised the vet when she arrived in the net inside of the carrier but they understood the situation & were able to treat her. Surprisingly, she hasn't held a grudge as she did following previous attempts to catch her. - Anonymous