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The old Y Pole just got a make-over!  The all new Freeman Y Pole is now extendable, making it easier to ship, transport and store.  It extends from 39″ to 60″.  The Y Pole is used to restrain wild or feral canids against solid surface (eg. ground or wall) for capture, chemical immobilization, or simple treatments (such as injuries).



Dr. Mark Johnson of Global Wildlife Resources introduced the Y pole to animal shelters and captive wolf facilities.  It is an essential tool for difficult to manage dogs within a facility and also for wildlife professionals working with fractious canids such as wolves and coyotes.  The Y pole is only effective for restraining animals which are already cornered or captured, but not yet safe enough to handle.

The Y pole is a humane tool to gently control an animal.  It allows practitioners to perform simple hands-on procedures such as:


  • Injecting vaccinations, antibiotics, or anesthesia.
  • Partial physical examinations and minor treatment of wounds.
  • Additional physical restraint if the animal must be moved or handled in a more extensive manner.
  • Made with rust resistant thicker aluminum for extra durability.
  • New! Retracted approx. 39″ (99cm) Extended approx. 60″ (152cm)