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The Freeman Cage Net is one of our most popular nets.  It features a deep, soft fine-meshed net where the hoop opens and closes by a sliding handle.  The net has a unique hoop shape to help fit into cage corners.  It’s simple to use and best of all gentle on the animal.

Ideally suited for use when handling factious cats, snakes and other wildlife under 25lbs (11kg).  The zipper at the bottom of the bag makes for easy transfers/releases.

Features Include:

1) Total net body length is 50" (127 cm).

2 ) The nylon mesh net is 32" deep with an 11" diameter when open and a 48" circumference.

3) Made from high grade aluminum with stainless steel parts and nylon mesh.

4) Replacement net and cable are available for purchase.

5) Net is super strong and durable, yet weighs only 2 lbs. 

How to use your Cage Net:

The Freeman Cage Nettm can be used on animals up to 25lbs (12kgs).

Open the net by removing the cover and unravelling the net from the frame.  Place one hand on the black plastic grip and the other hand of the black tube handle on the end of the net and push it towards the grip.

Once you have the animal secured inside the net, pull back the plastic handle towards the end of the net and roll the net at least one full turn.  By doing this it will secure the opening and prevent the animal escaping, it will also release the stress of the weight of the animal on the wire hoop.

To release the animal from the net you can either unroll the net and release from the top or use the convenient zipper at the bottom of the net to release the animal.

Care Instructions:

Do not use bleach on your net, this will damage the net and mechanisms.  You can disinfect the net by spraying it with any non-bleach cleaning solution.  Should netting become stiff over time you can dip it into a bucket of fabric softener.  Periodically lube the track (inner tube area) where the round piece of plastic travels with general-purpose silicone spray to reduce the sticking that may happen after cleaning.  Always store your net in a closed position away from direct sunlight.


open close mechanism

Open & Closing Mechanism

A sliding handle mechanism easily opens and closes the Cage Net.

secure closure

Secure Closure

To secure the animal within the net simply roll the net up a few times.

convenient zipper opening

Convenient Zipper Opening

Featuring a convenient full length zipper on the bottom of the bag to make it easier to examine, treat and release an animal.

tangle free mesh

Tangle-Free Mesh

The small mesh size greatly reduces the chance of tangling and makes for easier releases.  This mesh also helps reduce the risk of damaging or splaying the feathers of birds.

The Freeman Cage Net

We are a small animal veterinary clinic. This our second Freeman cage net. The first lasted ten years. For the occasional escaped feral cat there is nothing better. This model is much improved from our previous net. The cover is great for storage and the black hides the stains. Anyone dealing with small animal escapees should have this product handy. - Anonymous

Best Trapping Device

The Best net ever. I've been able to trap like never before - Anonymous

Great Equipment

Ordering was easy, came quickly and as described. Have not actually used the product yet but it seems like it will work for what we need :) - Anonymous

Freeman cage net

The rod inside the metal tube is bent and protrudes out of the cut-out section of the tube when closed. This does seem to catch and rub against the inside of the tube when extending or retracting the net closure, causing a less-than -smooth transition . It still closes and retracts, but catching a feral cat seems so tricky , that I would like to be confident that the net is working correctly. The manufacturer said that this happens sometimes, but it shouldn’t be a problem , - Christine gentry


We were trying to trap a hurt cat for weeks and this amazing device got her on our first try with it!! Sadly it was cancer and she had to be PTS but thankfully she won’t suffer any more!! - Angelo Ruffo

Great customer service and net!!

I received EXCELLENT customer service when I purchased this net. Very responsive to my inquiries! I had to change shipping and John was excellent! As far as the net, I had never had to net before and found this net after searching online and had to get one ASAP! It was very easy to use and I felt this one would be safe for me and the cat I had to net. I was successful in netting the sick cat. Thank you! - Anonymous