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Freedom Brand FB1 Dog Proof Raccoon Trap

The Freedom Brand FB1 Dog Proof Raccoon Trap is loaded with innovative features. The full back plate and quick set design make setting this trap fast, comfortable and easy without the need to reach down with your fingers to insert a dog into a trigger notch while spring wires are digging into your hands.  Simply squeeze the back plate quickly to compress the strong music wire springs and the FB1 DP trap automatically sets.  Or, squeeze the back plate more slowly and simply move your index finger a short distance to push the dog down and the trap is set.  The FB1 DP trap can also be set by placing it on the ground and stepping on the back plate or pushing the back plate down with the palm of your hand.

The innovative trigger and dog design of the Freedom Brand FB1 Dog Proof Raccoon Trap allows the trap to fire when the trigger is pulled up or pushed down.  And, the innovative staking system allows you to set the FB1 DP Trap anywhere.  You can push the stake into the ground where soil conditions permit.  Or you can slide the chain system up the stake and insert the stake into the Freedom Brand DP Trap Stabilizer to allow you to use the FB1 DP trap on frozen ground, on rocky ground, in culverts, mounted to a tree or post, on concrete or wood floors in buildings -- anywhere you want to catch coon.  This allows you to combine the FB1 DP Trap with a longer chain and drag and to then set the trap in the best place to catch coons at a particular location instead of in a place you can find to push the stake into the ground.

All of the new, innovative features of the Freedom Brand FB1 Dog Proof Raccoon Trap make it the dog proof trap of choice whether you trap as a hobby or to supplement your income or whether you rely on fur and/or ADC trapping to earn your living.

The FB1 DP trap is proudly made in the U.S.A.

Freedom Brand FB1 Dog Proof Raccoon Trap General Operating and Maintenance Instructions:


1. Upon receiving Traps ensure that all 3 Pivot Points are moving freely.

2. Set each Trap by pulling the Easy Set Plate towards the trap tube until it latches into the Dog with a defined 'click'. 1


There are 2 Pivot points and a Friction point that need to be kept lubricated whenever the trap is in use to keep this precision trap operating at peak performance.  Using either Silicone Spray or WD-40 Lubricate areas, as needed and move the dog and trigger back and forth at these pivot points and friction point to ensure proper lubrication.


The FB1 Trap can be Adjusted to fire with a short Trigger Pull by pulling the Dog away from the Easy Set Plate to decrease the amount of engagement.

The FB1 Trap can be Adjusted to fire with a long Trigger Pull by tapping the Dog closer to the Easy Set Plate to increase the amount of engagement.

Dog proof racoons trap

Caught one - Anonymous

Dog proof racoons trap

Caught a cool first time I used it
- Anonymous

Dog proof

Set 11 FB 1 traps this week. The 5 i have left and the 6 I just received. Had set the others twice.
Caught 3 coons and 3 possums, the first time I checked them. This is the only brand I will buy.

Do I need to paint them?

I stapled the 12th trap to a log and a coon must have pulled the fence staple out because it is gone. - Jim