FOUNDATION VENTS Ultra CSV® Crawl Space Vent

  • Price $24.95 EACH
  • Order 10 at $22.50 EACH
  • Reg Price $27.95

Product Overview and Maintenance

Proper venting of homes with crawl spaces has long been a challenge for homeowners. Many homeowners have little or no knowledge of the vitally important role that ventilation plays in the longevity of their homes.

Proper crawl space ventilation aids in preventing moisture, which can create mildew and mold that can destroy sub-floors, beams, sill plates, the bond and more.

People spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on their homes, but without proper ventilation, one of two things can happen;

  • Too much moisture can cause mold and mildew
  • Too little moisture can cause dry rot

Both of these problem can cause your sub-floor, floor joists, support beams, etc. to weaken and can cause severe and/or irreparable damage.

Why Is Your Ultra CSV Vent Better?

We understand there are vents currently in the marketplace, but we feel our vent is more effective. Most homes have fixed vents that limit airflow in warmer weather and that do not seal well in winter. The Ultra CSV® provides options so the homeowner can ventilate their home based on input from their local experts and based on the local climate. It is important for the homeowner to know the proximity of their vents to the water lines and drains under their home and to discuss this with the local experts to make an informed decision on how to ventilate, or insulate their home based on local experts input.

  • Save up to and including 25% on your heat bills or more
  • Keep your sub floors warmer by sealing off your crawl space vents from the outside of your home
  • There are over 25 million homes in the United States that have vents that do not do the best job for the home owner. If you are one of these home owners, we invite you to purchase and install our patented Ultra CSV® crawl space vents.

How Much Do They Cost?

Individual price of $24.95 per vent. For a case of 10 or more, discounted pricing is available.

Dimensions: Outside - 19.5" x 10" Screen Size - 14" x 6.75" x 1/2"

Each Vent Contains:

  • Gray Vent Faceplate
  • Stainless Steel Screen Door
  • White Sealer/Winter Door
  • Black Backer Bar
  • 2 - 9 1/2" Threaded Rods
  • 2 - Lock Nuts
  • 2 - Aluminum Knurled Nuts
  • 2 - Wing Nuts

The Ultra CSV® crawl space vent is sealed to keep the warm air in the crawl space keeping the floors, the ductwork and pipes warmer, saving energy.The inventor of The Ultra CSV® Vent, spent many years struggling with these same issues and believed there was a better way. He realized that he could create a vent that could be insulated and serviced from the outside, that would create significantly better airflow through the crawl space, that would help prevent the development of molds, and that would retain heat better in the winter.

His pursuit led him to develop the Ultra CSV® crawl space vent. This vent, which can be retrofitted to existing homes, is easily serviced, easily insulated, and easily adapted to meet the changing seasons. The dual-mode flexibility of the Ultra CSV® crawl space vent allows for maximum ventilation in warm months and maximum insulation in cold months.

Over 25 million homes in the United States have crawl spaces where homeowners face these ventilation dilemmas every year. This problem is especially severe near lakes, lowland areas, and high water tables. Ultra Creative Concepts now provides the Ultra CSV® crawl space vent to rid homeowners of these problems.

Care and Maintenance

Cleaning:  The ULTRA CVS® Crawlspace vent is made of ABS plastic and can be easily cleaned with just soap and water.

Painting:  The ULTRA CSV ® Crawlspace vent comes in grey only, but can be painted any color you wish with a good quality paint that is designed to be used on ABS plastic.

Servicing:  The ULTRA CSV® Crawlspace vent can be serviced from the outside of your home. The only servicing that may have to be done is putting a little silicone on the adjustment rod once in awhile to keep it rotating easily.

Insultating and Sealing:  The ULTRA CSV® Crawlspace vent was designed to maximize airflow in the Summer months and provide minimum heat loss in the Winter months, by having the ability to add and remove a door that seals off all airflow to your crawlspace and/or insulating for your local area.

This view of the patented Ultra CSV® Crawl Space Vent shows you what the vent would look like on the side of the foundation. The face plate and summer door frames are made out of heavy duty ABS plastic. The color is gray and can be painted with the appropriate paint by the customer if they so desire. The vent is plastic injected molded and during this process UV properties have been added. The screen is a heavy duty stainless steel for durability and to keep vermin out of your crawl space. It is recommended that you use candle wax, bees wax, or a small dab of never seize on the rods that the knurled nuts screw onto which holds the doors in place. Doing this at least once a year will ensure the ability to screw the knurled nuts on and off simply using your fingers. The knurled nuts should be tightened only finger tight.


Whether you desire to insulate your crawl space or you do not, you still have the option of using the sealer door. This view shows the sealer door and the summer door inserted into the face plate. There is a simple rule that God wrote, not man, that says hot goes to cold. So any heat that your furnace puts down into the duct work which runs through your crawl space will be sucked out of the crawl space through any vent that is not sealed if there is a difference in temperature in your crawl space and the outside temperature. Our simple philosophy is to keep as much heat as possible in the crawl space where it belongs. Your furnace won’t run as often or as long to maintain your desired room temperature. Your sub-floors will be warmer and your heat bills won’t be as high. Theory is theory but common sense says that these are true facts. A sealed, and if so desired, insulated crawl space vent or vents will keep more heat from being sucked out of your crawl space than a vent that is mechanically closed but not sealed.

A rear view of the Ultra CSV® crawl space vent will show you how the backer bar, threaded rods and knurled nuts hold the face plate into the vent opening. Insects are normally extremely small when they are born and dearly love the cool shaded damp crawl spaces and they can work their way through cracks and crevices. A homeowner or a licensed Pest Control Specialist  can remove the door and spray for such insects from outside the home if so desired.  Take spiders as an example.  When they are born, they are barley the size of a head of a pin and can find their way through the smallest screen openings.  This is true of a large variety of insects.

If you have placed your desired amount of insulation into the crawl space vent, you can then insert the winter door/sealer plate into the face plate and mount it between the threaded rods. Once this is completed, you re-affix the summer door onto the threaded rods and screw the knurled nuts, finger tight. Remember to lubricate the threaded rods at least once a year with candle wax, bees wax, or never seize or similar lubricant.

Great Vent

I recently had a problem with animals getting into my crawlspace. These new vents are very easy to install and look great on my house. What I Really like is my ability to inspect the vents without getting on my hands and knees to look inside a vent cavity. These vents are flush with the foundation wall - very nice.
Good solid design and very good functionality. - Anonymous