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FOUNDATION VENTS AAC XclusionPro® Foundation Vent Guards

  • Price $36.00 EACH


The XclusionPro Foundation Vent Guard is like no other foundation vent guard on the market. It has a two-piece design allows for the inner frame to be mounted to the foundation and then the cover is secured to the frame. This allows for easy access to the foundation vent if it needs to be opened or closed.

These Foundation Vent Guards include 3 tapcon bits, all the needed tapcon screws, and the screws for attaching the Guard to the frame.

XclusionPro® FVG – Foundation Vent Pest Guards are a premium exclusion product specifically engineered to keep animals out of crawlspace / foundation vents.  

Dimensions: 10.25″x18.25″



Easy To Install and Easier To Sell

These crawlspace vent covers make it very easy for install with a cordless hammer drill. They even include the tap con hardware to secure them. Any client with crawlspace vents gets told about the benefit of these vent covers. - Huntsman Wildlife