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Fogmaster 9031 Tank Insert 32oz.

  • Price $22.50 EACH

Fogmaster’s new 9031 tank insert saves
expensive liquids so you save money.

How? When the standard 1-gallon tank is too big for a small treatment, a little job can waste expensive chemicals.

The Solution: Put a #9031 1 Quart Small Application Tank insert in the one-gallon tank.

A gallon displacement becomes a one quart displacement.
Then add the exact amount of chemical you need for the job. No waste. So you save chemicals and money. More convenient, too. Right to the last drop.

The Fogmaster 9031 Tank Insert ‘s 32 - ounce capacity has indentations at 4 - ounce intervals. That way, you always know how much liquid to add.

And a small sump in the bottom makes sure it’ll be completely emptied.

No waste. No leftovers. No chemical degradation in storage.

Total efficiency to the last drop.

Because when it comes to saving fogging liquid, less is often more.



The 9031 Tank Insert is reusable, made of durable Kydex® plastic for strength and chemical resistance.

Installation is simple – just drop the insert into a standard tank; it's compatible with both the 050 aluminum tank and the 050SS stainless steel tank, with no change to the tank gasket or cover plate.


Remove the power head, place the 9031 tank insert in the tank and rotate so the sump aligns with one of the tank clamps (call this the "sump clamp").

Calculate how much chemical you need for your work. Measure the liquid separately, or directly in the tank insert using the indents as a guide; each step is four ounces [118 ml].

Align the power head so its left handle is above the "sump clamp" and the suction tube drops into the sump recess. Tighten the tank clamps and proceed with your work.

When finished, remove the power head and tank insert, rinse or wash, and air dry. Do not heat to dry as that could warp the insert.


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9031 1 Quart Fogger Tank Insert