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The Original Flash-N-Spin™ has been specifically designed and developed as a visual woodpecker deterrent, but has been proven to deter additional birds and wildlife.  

The Flash-N-Spin™ combines several key components that make this product extremely successful.  The Flash-N-Spin™ features include “Flash” utilizing highly reflective properties, and “Spin” for wildlife as well.  The continual movement and Predatory eyes help in creating the fear factor of danger.  

For best results One Flash-N-Spin™ should be installed approximately every 12’ to 15’ apart.  Through our extensive research, we have found that it is extremely successful in deterring Woodpeckers, Chimney Swifts, Herons and Geese.  It has also proven successful for additional wildlife.  

The Flash-N-Spin™ is manufactured with all metal components and has no plastic.  It is heavy duty, durable and dependable.  All of the metal components are either stainless steel or powder-coated and hardware is included for installation. NO Assembly required.  The spinner is 5" x 3".

Flash-N-Spin™ Woodpecker/Bird Visual DeterrentFlash-N-Spin™ Woodpecker/Bird Visual Deterrent