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  • Price $5.75 EACH

Fire-D is used to kill odors associated with fires, skunks, and decomposing animals.  Aerosol fogger.

One can treats up to 10,000 cubic feet of space.

 Use FIRE-D One Shot to kill strong odors in automobiles and other enclosed areas where a fogging machine is not practical.  Use one can for every 10,000 cubic feet of space. 

Close doors and windows, and turn off all fans. Place fogger in the center of the area to be treated. Place drop-cloth under fogger to protect area directly beneath. For best results leave treated area undisturbed for 1 hour. Use one can for every 10,000 cubic feet of space.

FIRE D®, when used as directed and in sufficient amounts, will absolutely remove odors – even from charred wood and scorched rubber wiring.  Unlike most Big D deodorants, FIRE D® must be used full strength.  It must not be mixed with any other product or diluted by water or any water solution.  It is a strong product designed to combat strong odor problems – treat it with care and it will take care of your odor problem like no other deodorant product is capable of doing.  

FIRE D®may also be used to kill such overpowering odors as decomposing bodies and flood residue.

This is an aereosol, and must be shipped with ground services, no next day air, or two day.