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Feral Cat Den To Trap Connector C700

  • Price $39.75 EACH

Model C700 is a connection accessory designed to make feral cat care as stress free as possible. It allows you to connect any of our feral cat dens to most of our feral cat traps by inserting the connector into the door slides of both the den and trap. This will provide more room and a quiet calm space for the cat during recovery.

The size is: 12" x 10"x 6", and weighs 4 pounds.

Cat den models 711, 721, 731 can be connected to feral cat trap models 606NC, 608NC, and 608FN with the C700 connector.

For easy installation after a cat has been trapped use a trap divider to keep the cat into the trap while you remove the sliding door from the trap and clear sliding door from the cat den. Then slide the connection piece into the tracks of both the trap and den doors and use the attached spring clips to hook to the trap for extra support and to keep the connection piece from moving if the cat pushes on it. After the connection piece is is place remove your trap divider to let the cat access both the trap and cat den for a more comfortable recovery.