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  • Price $88.99 EACH

The Bird-B-Gone Direct Charger plugs into a regular 110v outlet and supplies power to up to 500’ of Electric Track.

If placed outdoors, the direct charger must be protected in a waterproof box.  The input voltage of the direct charger is 110- 120VAC, the output voltage is 800V (+/-) 20% Open k-circuit voltage. 

  • Supplies power to the Electric Track Systems
  • Supports 500’ of track
  • Dimensions: 5.4” x 3.6” x 7”
  • Cord length: 3’

Bird-B-Gone electric track deterrents are electrical systems that can be dangerous if installed incorrectly.  If you are not trained in installing Bird-B-Gone electric track deterrents, please call us at 866-469-2251 and let a technical support specialist help you with the installation or direct you to an authorized installer who can help.