• Price $190.25 EACH
  • Reg Price $210.25

EcoBird® 4.0 was developed as a non-hazardous bird repellent, made from food-grade materials, which may be used to effectively remove birds from indoor and outdoor environments.  EcoBird® 4.0 is designed for use with professional fogging equipment that deploys a light fog or haze. 

The active ingredient in EcoBird® 4.0 irritates a bird’s mucous membranes.  Birds find the sensation unpleasant and will subsequently avoid the area.  The effect is temporary and will not harm birds.

  • EPA approved: safe for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Non-hazardous bird repellent made from food-grade materials
  • Utilizes 40% active ingredient, Methyl Anthranilate
  • Does not harm birds, people, or pets
  • Ecological and economical
  • For use with mechanical spraying & fogging equipment
  • For indoor fogging use:  undiluted at a rate not to exceed one (1) fl. ounce per 10,000 cubic ft.
  • For outdoor fogging use:  undiluted at a rate of 6-8 fl. oz. per acre
  • For outdoor non-fogging applications (e.g. landfills, & non-fish bearing bodies of water)  apply at undiluted at a rate of 2.5 gallons per acre (8 lbs.a.i. per acre).

Idea for use in:

  • Airport hangers
  • Warehouses
  • Semi-enclosed docks
  • Grain storage & manufacturing facilities
  • Parking facilities
  • Power plants & factories
  • Golf courses
  • Parks, lawns
  • Crops, trees, shrubs
  • Landfills

EcoBird® 4.0 may be used to remove birds such as geese, pigeons, grackles, starings, doves, blackbirds, gulls, swallows and water fowl from affected areas.

EcoBird® 4.0 is used with mechanical fogging equipment, which should be directed toward birds and used at a reasonable distance from structures or objects to allow for conplete dissipation of this product.