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  • Price $5.00 EACH

Attach these to the jaws of your set conibear traps, while you’re setting them in place.  These will prevent the traps from going off on your hands and causing injury.

Once body traps are set this item allows you to handle the trap safely until it is positioned.  Use with the  Duke 110, 120, 160, 220, and the 330.  

This item is highly recommended for people not familiar with these traps or when they are to be positioned in difficult or low visibility areas.   At this low price it definitely pays to be safe.


Safety Tool Only, does not come with any traps.

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Duke safety grippers

Been trapping 43 years have know idea why I hadn't had one great product - Alan

Avoid the pain

Animal Traps & Supplies had the device I needed at the right price and very fair shipping. They were very helpful when I contacted them by phone. The safety device itself works great. I realized I needed one after catching my thumb in a 220 conibear. It is well made and easy to use. I will go to AT&S in the future for more supplies. - Hawkeye


The gripper makes setting the trap much, much safer. Before I bought this, I got my arm’s skin peeled off because one of the arms slipped off. - Anonymous

Must have

The Duke 330 is powerful and must be handled with this safety gripper period. - Anonymous

Great service and price.

Works great. - Anonymous

Finger Savers

I was practicing setting 110s without the safety, got my finger caught in the trap.
Good thing I was wearing gloves! Still had a hard time getting my finger out.
Started using the safety. No more worries about catching myself. - Anonymous

Dukes safety Grippers / a must have

These were great to have. I had never used this type of trap before and I didn't want to take a chance of it going off and getting injured. The only problem I had with them is when I was setting the trigger on the trap to be farther out (more or less sensitive on medium size traps this grips were almost to small and were not as easy to get off without possible setting off trap. If I was using the 320 large trap I would make sure to get a larger safety. - Anonymous

Easy to use

Very easy to use. - Anonymous

Works fine - adds a level of security!

The item works great, and is intuitive to use. I wanted the extra level of safety beyond the catches on the trap, and this provides it.

I still have to figure out how to use it on the 'most sensitive' level on the spring catch - the Safety Gripper is not long enough to let me set it there, and still get the gripper off of the trap. - bugman

Duke safety grippers

Very good tool - Mike N


Great safety lifeline for when you are by yourself and want that extra insurance. - Heath

Grippers are a must when trapping!

If you are trapping and setting Duke 220 traps this is a must have to save your fingers. Simple to use and the price is cheaper than a trip to the ER. Thanks for the quick shipping! - Steveo


A must have for ease of setting the trap - Tracy Prior


makes life easyer - Anonymous


works great makes it safe - Anonymous

Duke safety grips

These work real well for my 110 Dukes, allowing me to place the traps while set - Roger