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    The Duke Dog Proof Coon Trap features a fully enclosed dog proof design with powerful coil springs, a sensitive trigger system and a straight spade staking system.  

    The trap is fired when the raccoon reaches in for your bait, and instead grabs the trigger, firing the trap.  When baiting Dog Proof Coon Traps, apply the lure or bait below the trigger so the raccoon has to reach past the trigger to get the bait.

    Don't forget to order the Duke Dog Proof Trap Set Tool.  It makes setting the trap much easier!

    Recommended Products

    Duke DP Coon trap

    Works great ! - Mike M.

    Great product

    I have used these traps for many years. I add to my collection yearly. Last and produce results. - Terry J.

    Duke DP Coon Trap

    This is a great product that works as advertised. - Anonymous

    Dp trap

    Products work good when i need more i will definitely order again fast shipping quality trap for fair price. - Eric

    Duke dog proof

    Best dog proof trap ever - Anonymous

    Duke Foot Trap

    Very well made, easy to set with the tool. We have been very successful
    with catching raccoons. We have been able to catch 6 of the pesky little
    fellows in just a few days. Thinking of ordering more traps. Thank so
    much for the quick service. - Anonymous

    Duke coon trap

    These traps are awesome, I have caught over 100 coons - Anonymous

    Coon traps

    First night had a coon in less than 8 hrs. Love these traps!! - Kevin

    Worth every penny

    Wish I’d of had these months ago! - Anonymous

    Super good

    Coons were raiding our bird feeders. We set out a live trap and the first coon in the trap tore it to pieces and escaped. Set the DP Coon trap and caught 2 big coons the next 2 nights. Problem solved! - Anonymous

    They work great.

    I bought them because they don't catch dogs. These traps are solid - Anonymous


    Works very well. Thanks - Anonymous

    works great

    works great. very good service - Anonymous

    Great Trap

    Great product and easy to use! - Anonymous

    Easy to use

    Easy to use, the tool helps. - Anonymous

    Coon traps

    They work well. - Anonymous

    Coon traps

    No muss, no fuss, a great tool to trap coons. I recommend this. - Anonymous

    Duke DP

    To be honest, this will be my first year to try the dp’s. I haven't trapped since the mid 80’s, but the fire has came alive again. I love traditional traps, but I really like the idea of the quickness of setting the dp’s. I will mix them in with my water sets to have 2-4 traps at every set. Looking forward to this “new” wave of trapping! - Roy H

    super trap

    Did not know this trap existed until recently. It is phenomenal and exactly fits my needs. Way more convenient and reliable than box traps. - Anonymous

    Coon and Possum

    I’ve caught a possum and coon so far, using marshmallows for bait. I’m 74 years old. Traps work great, but difficult to set for old man. - Anonymous

    They Work

    These traps work very well. Over 90 coons in less than 2 months no longer eating at feeders. The savings in feed costs is well worth the investment. Easy and safe to set. Very rugged too! - Dennis Reed

    DP coon traps

    Traps are great. Have caught 52 coons, in 35 days. - TxFrogLady

    Good product Good service

    I received exactly what I needed in short order. - Anonymous


    The traps work great, I have got twenty coon far, - Gary B

    Duke DP Coon trap

    Coons were getting in my barn and eating the feed I had in there. I ordered 2 coon traps. Put them in barn. The first 3 nights I got 3 coons. So far my problems went away.
    Thank you American traps & supplies. - Art

    Duke Coon Trap

    Works well and got the job done. - Anonymous

    Great Product

    Traps were delivered very quickly. Trap is easy to set and set 3 traps the first night and caught two coon. They continue to work very well. The way they are constructed and quality of material makes me confident they will last for years. - Anonymous

    Duke traps

    Work really well - Anonymous

    Worked well

    Traps working well constructed good. I would recommended them in areas with domestic animals. Have caught 19 raccoon so far. - Kevin Forbes


    Disappointed that there was not a tool to set the trap.
    It is a good thing I still have one from another order from a different vendor from several years back.
    I received the order fine in timely fashion. - Anonymous

    Duke traps

    Duke do coon traps produced first night out if box like always ! - Anonymous

    Duke dp

    It is a simple and effective well designed trap. - Anonymous

    Rock solid

    Reliable and easy to use. Best traps out there for coons. - Zach


    They are great! I love them! - Matthew

    Works great

    Has worked great to catch coons and possums. Easy to set and durable. - Anonymous


    Shipping was so fast, and the products are great. What more could you ask for? - JUSTIN

    Dukes Coon Traps

    Best traps in the business. Easy to use, durable, compact, and reliable.
    - Anonymous

    Duke dog proof

    Best coon cuff I’ve tried. Very pleased with them. - Anonymous

    Duke Dp'S

    Awesome trap and ready to use as soon as you get them. First time trapping and caught coons in each of these the first night. They work great. - Anonymous

    New trap

    This trap works great when around domesticated animals so they don’t get hurt and coons can’t help but get caught - John

    Coon traps

    This trap works great when setting near the house and chicken pen - John

    Dog proof traps

    Everything was well-packed and delivery was fast. I am happy with the purchase. - Anonymous

    Dukes do coon trap

    The traps work great , easy to use - John

    Great product

    Product is very easy to use and can be applied in multiple trapping settings. I personally use them to trap coons to help the turkey nests survival/success rate. - Adam

    Coon traps

    Great product and great service. - Anonymous

    Duke dp coon trap

    Works great, caught 17 coons in less than 2 weeks so far. - Anonymous

    Just plain works

    Used other traps in the past. Dukes is far better - Bill

    Get That Coon Every Time

    Best coon trap ever.

    Ordered a dozen to get rid of a record number of vermin and I’m doing just that. No critters getting out of traps either.

    Caution: Make sure they are staked very well with deep stakes because I lost two when some giants pulled the stakes out. - Mark S

    Duke traps

    Product was as promised - Paul

    Duke DP Coon Traps

    These traps are awesome! Very effective and easy to set and bait. I’ve caught 193 coons in less than 6 weeks using the traps I purchased from Animal Traps and Supplies. - Ben Binnion


    Coon catching machines have caught 50 in two months running 12 of these. - CoonTrapper

    racoon trap

    A reliable trap that really works - Anonymous

    Great trap!

    I put out six traps for two days and caught six raccoons and a fox. The trapped animals have all been juveniles so far. The traps work well. You need to have a good stake as they will struggle with it. You also need to consider buying the setting tool. I am old with weak hands and need a tool, I used a screwdriver, to set the trap. - Anonymous

    Coon Traps

    Fast delivery, excellent product. These traps really work! - Richard

    Coon problems

    Bought these traps to see if it would relieve problem I was having with coons destroying my deer feeders costing hundreds of dollars in damage to motors brains and solar panels so far they have worked excellent in 4 weeks I been able to remove 28 of the problems I recommend buying the set tool with them to make setting a breeze.

    Texas Z - Z

    DP trap

    This is the best trap we have found for coon.
    Caught 12 right away. No tripped traps.
    We use catfish food and grape jelly but I believe anything sweet or smelly will work.
    Set in the evening and in the morning they will be waiting.
    Forget the box traps. - Martin Helgerson

    DP Coon Trap

    This is a very good product. Well constructed and works well - Christine Lavier

    DP Coon Traps

    They work great. I would recommend them to others and already have - Anonymous

    Dog proof

    Outstanding service. My order was received quickly and complete. I can't wait to start using the dog proof traps. - Dave R.

    Works great!

    Fast shipping! Arrived around 2 pm, had it set up and working by 3:30 pm, caught big, old boar coon that night! Great price, no problems. - Anonymous

    Duke Dog Proof

    Really like the product. Works well. - Jeffrey Gareri


    Love duke traps. These work great around houses where people have pets. So far this year have trapped 4 raccoon with these - John Stephenson

    dp traps

    in 2 weeks i have got 5 coons so far with the dp traps i bought from you. the traps are great and fun to get rid of these nest raiders. - newton

    Duke’s dp coon traps

    Really good trap works very well - Boyd F

    coon trap

    worked wonders on the coon's in our orchard - Anonymous

    well built

    Well built and easy to use. Definitely need to tool to set the trap. - Mike

    Great traps

    The traps arrived quickly and work as advertised. I use blue cheese crumbles for bait and the raccoons can’t resist it.
    Animal traps and supplies is a great company, thank you for doing such a great job! - SB

    Duke dp coon trap

    Good traps for raccoons - Anonymous

    Duke Coon trap

    Have used Duke Coon traps for over 10 years now. On 686 acres have removed, literally a thousand raccoons and a few skunks from my property. Great tool in seeing that my deer feed goes where I intend it to go. - Terry Johnson

    Great customer service

    Solid - Anonymous

    Best raccoon trap ever, catch them everytime!

    This is the best raccoon trap ever that I have used. You catch them each and every time when you set the trap, and don't have to worry about not catching them, because this gets them on the first time, every time. This trap puts an end to your raccoon troubles each time you set it, guaranteed to catch them every time. - William

    Duke dog proof raccoon trap

    The traps arrived sooner than promised, and were better than described- they had an added length of chain connected with a second swivel. Good powdercoat paint. A very pleasant experience of under promising and over delivering. I have used these traps for several years, and they work as advertised. - Anonymous

    Dp traps

    So for only 1 trap out of 36 sets has been tripped with out a coon in the trap. - Josh I


    They work - Anonymous

    D P coon trap

    Great product works great even for skunks - Anonymous

    duke coon traps

    These Duke coon traps are awesome - very easy to set and results were tremendous. - Anonymous


    I have previously reviewed these traps and awarded 5 stars. I have had to reorder additional traps because these dang coons are so frickin tough. Prior to the Duke traps, I had used live traps and thought I was doing so-so. Until one of those whiley devils tip-toed through the bottom of the trap down to the river and tried to swim away with my trap. I caught him right at the edge of the bank. A couple others learned to flip the live trap over to escape. I was only netting a coon about once a week. When I invested in the Duke traps, I started nailing one or two coons a day; and over this Summer, I caught over 50 coons. I use them because I have chickens. I am surrounded by crops and a river. The reason I have had to reorder is there is a coon out there walking around with a Duke trap on one leg dragging a large tree branch/small log. It was my favorite set and I had caught probably 15 at this site. The coon literally broke the tree branch off and took the trap with it. I also ordered some spares in case these narley beasts come up with other bright ideas. I also caught a skunk in the Duke trap which I didn't know was possible. Love these traps. - Anonymous

    Works great

    Works great and easy to set. - Anonymous

    Top notch for the money

    I have been nothing but satisfied with these traps I’ll be ordering more next year. They are really hard to beat for the money and fast shipping time - Dkmk

    Helping the turkey pop out

    Seems to work very well for coons - Anonymous



    Duke DP Coon Trap

    This product is heavy duty and well made. Animal Traps and Supplies were efficient and helpful in the purchase. Recommend buy. - Joyce

    Works great! Would recommend to anyone

    I have 12 traps. Set them 2 times and have caught 12 raccoons with just one miss. Well built traps have not had any issues with the product - Anonymous

    Duke dog proofs

    Very easy to use. Caught 15 coons the first week - Danny Ellington

    Good trap

    Good trap for catching coons. Easy to set and recommend to buy the setting tool. It makes it easier to set the trap because the spring is strong. i recommend also you buy a set of steel stakes to secure the chain. - GPM1

    it catching!

    it has caught 3 possums so far.. which is good. now we wait with bait for the coons to find them.. - Anonymous

    Easy, foolproof

    I’m a beginner and had immediate success, trapping multiple coons and possums. - John

    Dog Proof Traps

    Works very well adn very durable. - Anonymous


    These traps are great and so easy to use!! Love them!! Raccoon and possum catching machine! - Dwayne Newsom

    Straight forward

    These traps work awesome. I caught four raccoons on the first night. - Anonymous

    duke traps

    easy to use and very effective - Anonymous

    Duke DP coon trap

    Great trap caught one first night I put it out. - Matt Queen

    Good trap

    I am pleased with your product. - Anonymous

    Haberosa Farm

    Shipping Fast
    Product awesome
    Price best I could find anywhere - Paul Haberny

    Awesome Traps

    These traps are easy to use and very effective. On top of that, your service is exceptional. Keep up the good work. - Brad


    Set trap and bait, return next morning dispatch and repeat over and over until problem is solved. Best trap for the money. - Grumpy Old 69

    Duke DP

    Great item!!! Works fantastic!!! - Leon Bosher

    They seem to work good, trapped one the 1st night

    They work great, one nasty sweetcorn eating coon the 1st night! - Anonymous

    These dog proof traps coon traps are very effective and safe around pets.

    Over last 3 years caught 34 raccoons. These are my go to traps for coons. - Anonymous

    Works on racoons

    If you have racoons that are a pest these traps will work. They are not live traps! - 12teachscience

    Solid quality trap

    This trap works exceptionally well. Took care of our coon issue within two weeks…8 coons are removed from vandalizing the property. - Kieth Hubbard

    DP trap

    Had a racoon getting underneath trailer caught it first night it was used. - Anonymous

    Works Surprisingly Well

    I had been watching the Coons on game cams and still caught more than I even was aware were in the area eating my deer feed. I baited each trap with dry cat food and drizzled a little bit of old cooking grease, that had been used for frying fish, on the rim of each trap.

    I was completely surprised and pleased with the results I got using these traps. - Anonymous

    Coon trap ( duke )

    Fantastic product. Marshmallows are deadly bait for it - Bob

    Duke do traps

    Best easiest to use traps on the market. Powder coated finish makes them durable. - Anonymous