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DUKE #220

  • Price $11.75 EACH
  • Order 12 at $10.75 EACH

    Duke #220 Body Gripper Trap has a jaw spread of 7" x 7" for Fisher, Groundhog, Raccoon, and similar sized animals.

    Duke Body Gripping Traps are rotating jaw traps used to quickly catch and dispatch wild animals.

    This style of trap was developed during the 1950's and has steadily increased in use due to the versatility and effectiveness of the trap design.

    Duke Body Traps such as sizes #330 and #280 are widely accepted by state and federal wildlife agencies as the most effective humane traps for beaver population control.

    ​12 traps to a case.​


    Great product

    Have got 2 beaver in this trap and it done everything it was supposed to - John Stephenson

    Excellent product

    We use the duke 220s all the time. The reliability with this trap is unequalled - Dwayne HILTON HOME AND WILDLIFE SERVICES


    Shipped and arrived quickly. Took care of my groundhog problem in 1 day. Thanks to ATS for having these in stock! - AK


    Great trap. Using for ground hogs. Actually caught 2 in one trap at same time. - Tom

    ground hog trap

    product came very quickly and customer service was amazing. - Anonymous


    I had tried everything before using this type of traps. Nothing worked! I only had to place this traps over a period of 2 weeks and that was it.
    Problem solved, I have not seen any critters anymore. - Desperate home owner

    Excellent product

    Great product, I like to use them in the trap boxes - Anonymous

    Duke body traps

    Everything was well-packed and delivery was fast. I am happy with the purchase. - Anonymous

    Effective Trap

    Just what the doctor ordered.... Perfect size for catching a wide variety of nuisance animals. Wonderful customer service at ATS, will definitely be a repeat customer. Thanks - Anonymous

    Great service at great prices!!!

    I have ordered traps from here two times now. The traps are good quality and even with the shipping cost they don’t cost as much as other places!! - Gary

    duke 220 woodchuck trap

    Excellent product and fast shipping.. First day I caught a chipmunk. Later I got a woodchuck. I also ordered the aluminum bars to set the trap. I wish the bars were a bit longer (6 inches) for more leverage to set the trap, but they work ok if you have the strength and hand strength. I don't think my wife could set the trap with the shorter handles. - frank


    Works great and very reliable. 0 misses out of 11 sets - Brett

    Duke 220

    Product works great!!! I was impressed with the quick response to my order. - Glen


    I caught 5 ground hogs and 3skunks awesome traps - John duggan

    Easy to use - great success!

    I am a new trapper, and the trap was easy to set, and I caught a woodchuck on the second night of the set. Obviously killed the animal quickly.
    Appreciate the how-to videos on the ATS website - I did not have anyone to show me how to set the trap, but with this instruction and those on you tube, it worked great.

    Looking forward to being able to remove nuisance animals going forward. - bugman

    Really works

    Put the trap out and the very next day we caught that groundhog.
    It gets the job done ! - Anonymous


    Quick service. Trap works well. I also got the grip setting tool and safety gripper and recommend them as well. Thanks - Mark L.

    Awesome product

    I bought 10 of these traps and they are great for catching groundhogs. For three years I have tried live traps and no luck. I got two the first week with the Duke 220!
    Thanks to ATS for the quick sipping and hassle free purchase. - Steveo

    Super trap

    Used these before and found them to be excellent. Can’t use the new ones yet because the neighbors dogs have been coming around. I know they will work fine. - Bill


    Worked perfectly - Tracy Prior


    Worked perfectly - Tracy Prior

    Works good

    Tough to set without the trap setting tool, but they got the job done. - Anonymous


    prompt service & top of the line product ! THANKS ! - Anonymous

    Good trap

    Works well, and lasts a long time. Just make it easier on yourself and order the setting tool also. - NORMAN MAULDIN

    Got him

    A ground hog was eating in my garden. I tried a live trap, but no success. Bought the duke 220 traps (3), and set the up around his burrow. setting up the traps were easy. 20 min later, i got him! - Bill

    Duke #220

    well made and sturdy while set. works well after useing the reset tool. - Anonymous

    Dukes 220 trap

    Already dispatched 2 skunks and 1 ground hog living under screened in porch. - Anonymous