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DryerJack Flat roof curb style roof vent

  • Price $72.75 EACH

The New DryerJack Series hoods are roof vent terminations specifically designed for dryer venting.  Its precision tuned design creates no resistance giving a level of performance previously unavailable in our industry.  Featuring an industry first curved damper, this sturdy 26 gauge Galvalume® steel extra clearance style vent is best suited for flat roof installations where a curb attachment is preferred.  Note: inside dimensions of the curb is a tight 11 7/8" x 11 7/8" x 3" high. 

Product Features: 

  • Virtually Impenetrable to Birds and Rodents
  • Extended collar penetration allows for flat roof installs
  • Industry-first curved damper profile 
  • Creates no back pressure
  • Complies With IMC 504.4 & IRC 1502.3
  • Built-in 4" Water-tight Collar
  • Duct Cleaning Access Door
  • Made in the USA


  • 12x12 Inch Curb Flange
  • 6" Wide x 8" Body
  • Part Number DJK486U
  • 26 gauge Galvalume® sheet steel 
  • Hinged, light gauge galvanized steel bird-proof damper
  • 4" round collar installed in and silicone sealed in bottom plate
  • Carton is 13x13x12 and 5 pounds

Additional Description: 

This medium sized Galvalume® roof cap has a plate (flange) size of 12” wide x 12” and the structure is 6” wide x 8” and about 9” high.  It has a 4.12 inch diameter collar that excepts typical residential dryer exhaust conduit.  Per building codes, there is no screen in this vent as it is exclusively designed for clothes dryers.  Unlike other roof vents this vent features a unique light-weight damper that is curved which increases the efficiency dramatically.  The final opening is 50% larger than the round pipe portion.  By far, this is the most efficient roof vent on the market.  


Galvalume: A patented alloy of barrier-resistant aluminum and corrosion-fighting zinc gives Galvalume its superior corrosion resistance. Most Galvalume substrates feature an alloy that is 55% aluminum, 43.5% zinc and 1.5% silicon. Tests have proven this alloy superior to the zinc-only coating used in regular Galvanized sheeting.  Additionally it is Acrylic Coated, coating designation AZ-55.

The collar penetrates the plate about 1.25 inches and is sealed to the plate with a silicone bead.  Collar locatoin favors the rear.  See drawing showing 2.5" from rear edge.  This vent is proudly made in the USA.

Professional installation is recommended. 

Not recommended for for bathroom exhaust fans with less than 70 cfm output.

Statewide Contracting Services Inc.

The only roof termination to use for commercial dryer venting. - David Heavrin