DryerJack Dryer Roof Vent - Low Profile Powder Coated

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Please note the lead time for the Black, Brown, to ship is approximately the 1st/2nd week of November.  White is back ordered a week or two.




Every DryerJack® is built tough right here in the U.S. By design, the low profile model 466 is airflow efficient, deters pest entry, and it is still duct cleaning accessible.
  • Rugged 26 Gauge Galvalume ®
  • Complies With IMC 504.4 & IRC 1502.3
  • Flange Includes Nail Holes for Fast Installation
  • Flange has Rounded Flange Corners for Easier Handling
  • Built-in 4" Water-tight Collar - Protrudes 1" into Hood 2.25" into Duct

DryerJack 466 Specifications


DryerJacks are the first roof vents designed to meet the more stringent venting requirements of dryer exhaust systems. Unlike the vents shown above-left, the DryerJack affects airflow by less than .01 water column inches of pressure.

Considering that back pressure higher than .6 WCI is generally recognized as inefficient, you can see that venting through the roof with non-dryer specific vents is immediately problematic. The less back pressure is created by the roof vent, the more efficiently the system performs.

The new DryerJack is the most efficient. The position and curvature of the damper, combined with hood size and collar placement, optimize airflow to such a degree that laboratory tests confirm nearly zero reduction in airflow. Terminating the shorter duct run with a DryerJack helps venting through the roof deliver on the promise this shorter route offers.

At less than 5 1/2" above the roof plane, it is also low-profile for minimal visibility. For medium snowfall zones and / or higher profile roof tiles, select the larger model 486 which is as efficient but taller.


  • A damper design providing substantial defenses to bird and rodent entry
  • Tuned design providing zero airflow resistance (no back pressure)
  • Will meet the 2017 ICC code requiring that the passageway not diminish in size
  • Duct cleaning accessible
  • Small footprint and low profile "scoop" design
  • A watertight extended collar for secure duct docking
  • Heavy 26 gauge Galvalume® metal construction
  • Nailing flange with rounded corners and 2 nail holes
  • Equally suitable for new construction or retrofit installation
  • Superb workmanship and pleasant eye appeal
  • Available in powder coated in brown, black or white (see below)

The airflow passageway increases 63% (12.56 sq. inch opening to 20.5) through the DryerJack; this along with the curved damper provides zero inches of water column pressure in real-life testing. Note: Not recommended for use with high to medium-high profile roof tiles like Barrel, Spanish S or S-Tile.

Galvalume: A patented alloy of barrier-resistant aluminum and corrosion-fighting zinc gives Galvalume its superior corrosion resistance. Most Galvalume substrates feature an alloy that is 55% aluminum, 43.5% zinc and 1.5% silicon. Tests have proven this alloy superior to the zinc-only coating used in regular Galvanized sheeting.  Additionally it is Acrylic Coated, coating designation AZ-55.

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A Total Answer to our Dryer Issues!

This DryerJack Roof vent was recommended to our family by a professional who addresses dryer and chimney issues. We reached out to him when our dryer wasn't completely drying clothes leaving them damp. And we our diligent about emptying the dryer lint trap. On every single load. Good Habits!

It turned out our vent on the back of the dryer + the vent hood on the roof were to blame. They were substantially under pressurized to perform the job. With this new DryerJack + a new solid vent piping on the back of the dryer the dryer works wonderfully. Has the correct pressures, and is now easier to clean on my own 3-4 times a year.
- Paula

Dryer jack

Perfect easy to install - Anonymous