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DryerJack Dryer Roof Vent Extra Clearance Model 486

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  • Reg Price $66.59

Extra Clearance Model 486.   


Every DryerJack® is built tough right here in the U.S. By design, the extra clearance model 486 is airflow efficient, and deters pest entry. It includes a removable access door for easy duct cleaning
  • Rugged 26 Gauge Galvalume ®
  • Complies With IMC 504.4 & IRC 1502.3
  • Flange Includes Nail Holes for Fast Installation
  • Flange has Rounded Flange Corners for Easier Handling
  • Built-in 4" Water-tight Collar Protrudes 1.25" into Hood 3" into Duct

The New DryerJack Series hoods are roof vent terminations specifically designed for dryer venting.  Its precision tuned design creates no resistance giving a level of performance previously unavailable in the industry.  Featuring an industry first curved damper, this sturdy Powder Coated 26 gauge Galvalume® steel extra clearance style vent is best suited for medium snowfall regions, sloped roofs with flat profile cement tiles other composite shingles.  Does not provide adequate clearance in height for "S" or Barrel Tile roofs. 

Product Features: 

    Virtually Impenetrable to Birds and Rodents
•    Industry-first curved damper profile
•    Radius corners to minimize injury
•    Creates no back pressure
•    Complies With IMC 504.4 & IRC 1502.3
•    Will meet the 2017 ICC code requiring that the passageway not diminish in size
•    Built-in 4" Silicone sealed Water-tight Collar
•    Duct Cleaning Access Door
•    Available in White, or Brown (see below)
•    Made in the USA

Spec Sheet in PDF format 
    14x12 Inch Flange
•    6" Wide x 8" Body
•    Part Number DJK486
•    26 gauge Galvalume® sheet steel
•    Hinged, light gauge galvanized steel bird-proof damper
•    4" round collar installed in and silicone sealed in bottom plate
•    Carton is 14x14x12 and 4.5 pounds

DryerJack 486 Specifications

Dryer Roof Vent Installed

GENERAL: Before installation, ensure that the substrate is uniform and even. Installation shall be made in accordance with recognized sheet metal practices. SMACNA Architectural Sheet Metal Manual 6th Ed. Specifications shall be used as a guide and basis for detail whenever applicable.

NOTE: Recommended use of this product is for exhaust of warm dry or slightly moist air only. This product is not intended for venting of exhaust grease or liquid.

Sloped Roof Installation
  1. Dry-fit the duct work assembly that will run from the dryer to the roof. Draw a circle around the perimeter of the duct work onto the underside of the roof sheathing.
  2. Drive a nail upward through the roof, from the inside to mark the center location of the vent.
  3. Access the roof and locate the nail (where the shingles are lifted up slightly is an indication). Cut a hole slightly larger than the duct pipe of the hood with a reciprocating saw.
  4. Place the vent hood into position and trace the outline of the flashing so you know the areas where you need to lift the shingles to get the flashing underneath.
  5. Lift the shingles on the sides and top of the hole where the flashing will go with a flat bar. Remove the nails that hold those shingles in place by carefully sliding the flat bar between the shingles and the roof sheathing.
  6. Dry-fit the vent to confirm adequate shingle lifting and removal is sufficient. Remove vent and apply liberally roofing cement to the areas of the roof and vent where they come in contact with each other. Install vent, mechanically fasten the flashing plate to the roof deck using nails or stainless steel screws in predrilled holes where possible, making sure the top edge of the flashing is underneath the loosened shingles on the top and sides of the vent so the shingles overlap the edge of the flashing. This helps prevent water from seeping underneath the flashing.
  7. Allow the front part of the flange to lie over the shingles (so water runs down). Apply roofing cement or roofing silicone caulk around the edges of the flashing (DO NOT fill or block the drainage slot on the low side of the vent) as well as a “smear” on each nail head.
  8. Apply roofing cement to the underside of the detached shingles. Apply the roofing cement only to the shingles covering the back and sides of the roof vent's flange.

Galvalume Roof Vent Installationimage-1image-1


Tried for years to get our dryer working. Ran square box in wall and swapped it out for round vent and still had to run the dryer 2/3 times to get dry. Bought this vent and it allows for a strait vent tube through the roof. Now every load finally dries in 1 cycle. Thx - Jeremy

Dryer Roof Vent

Upon purchase was notified that product was on back order. Was delivered sooner than expected. Product arrived in good condition. Great customer service. - Sharon

Looks ok

Looks ok. Will not be installed until summer. - Anonymous

Solid product

Works 1000x better than the standard dryer vent that was installed. Fast shipping also! - Anonymous

Dryerjack Roof Vent

Well packaged and came quickly. - T White

Is what it is!

Very well made packaging was very good, shipped and received fast! Ferguson could not even find one! - Anonymous

Great Product!

Heavy Duty! Good for high wind areas. - Melissa G.

works great

The roof vent works great, exactly what I needed as venting through an outside wall was not an option. My only disappointment is the sales staff sold me roof adapter that isn't necessary nor compatible with this product. - Mark

Dryer Jack 486

Ordered the Dryer Jack 486 Extra Clearance model in black color, on-line. Got a phone call the following day informing me that the black color model was back ordered and would I like another color. I called back and ordered the brown color, and it was shipped that afternoon. Item arrived within a couple of days, and was as expected. Customer contact and service was excellent, and price was the best by far. I would not hesitate to order from ATS again should the need arise. - Steve

Dryer Jack

Great product - Anonymous