Dryer Vent Soffit/Eave Vent 4"

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The Soffit Vent is designed with a clean look, that doesn’t allow bees or wasps to create nests. The dual-door, dual-exit vent is installed over exhaust ducts like: clothes dryer, bathroom, stove or range hood.

  • Save money with increased airflow and decreased drafts
  • Keep out birds, insects, rodents, scorpions and more!
  • Safer than traditional vents with reduced lint-build-up
  • Installs in minutes, cleans in seconds
  • Reduced clothes drying time

Features & Specs

  • 4” in diameter
  • 8” width X 2 7/8” height X 6 1/2″ depth
  • Exclusive Dual Door design
  • UV resistant plastic
  • Reduces clothes drying time
  • Lowers dryer fire hazards
  • Fully closed design that excludes birds, rodents and insects
  • Easy installation
  • Low maintenance
  • Removable bottom panel for easy, tool-free cleaning
  • Up to 2009 International Mechanical Code
  • Stops backdrafts when used as a bathroom or dryer vent
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty



For Best Results

  1. Confirm the soffit/eave opening is a 4 inch diameter
  2. Place the vent into the opening to ensure it will be flush with the soffit or eave
  3. Secure the soffit/eave vent with screws
  4. Confirm the doors can open and close without an issue.



  1. Removable bottom panel for easy duct cleaning without removing the entire vent from the soffit & duct.
  2. Annual Cleaning recommended