Dryer Vent PRE-VENT

  • Price $50.00 EACH

PRE-VENT is a built-to-last aluminum dryer vent cap designed to keep out pests, debris, and lint build-up at the dryer vent exit.


  • Prevents Pests

PREVENT's patented beveled frame at the exit and unique beaked vent design eliminates pest access. No more concern about debris build-up blocking the vent exit and causing a fire. 

  • Durable Design

PREVENT's aluminum design withstands the test of time. No more plastic dryer vent caps cracking and crumbling from sun exposure.

  • Meets Building Code

PREVENT's insulated hinged damper enables hot air and lint to exit with no barriers or slats blocking the exit per U.S. Building Code.

This is a two piece dryer vent.  The actual dryer vent is 5.5" wide at the top, 6" wide at the bottom, and 5.75" tall.  It has four mounting holes.  The removable outside cover is 5.5" wide at the top, and 6.5" wide at the bottom, and 12" long top to bottom.  It is 6.5" deep when mounted on a wall.