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    Durable Dryer Wall Vent Termination

    Engineered for a quick, perfect fit for new construction and vent replacement, this stylish, well-built vent meets or exceeds all requirements for safe dryer venting.  Galvanized steel and powder coated, available in white, tan and brown, they're the last wall vent a home will ever need.   

    This vent provides zero airflow restriction, easy cleaning access and magnets that protect against animal entry and negative air pressure flapping.

    Made in the USA, these are made with 26 gauge galvanized steel that is powder coated to minimize fading or cracking ensuing a long duty life.


    Dryer Vent is 6.5" Tall, 6.5" Wide, 1" Deep

    At five paces, you can tell it's well made.  Thanks to a low profile and clean lines, you might not even see it at twenty.

    Premium Grade Vent Terminations

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    Superior Product

    This is an excellent product that goes far and beyond what you can buy from a box store. After much searching, I decided to goes with this vent. It's low profile, not plastic and works like a champ. Installation was very quick and easy. I love it!! - Anonymous

    Flush dryer wall vent

    This is a very durable vent for those vent that the regular vent cover will not do. These can be screwed in easily. - N.

    Great Add On

    These vent covers are a great value to our clients and an easy add on service while we are taking care of other issues on their property. The long term and aesthetic benefits of these covers sell themselves and we carry one in the truck at all times in order to show our clients ow these covers will out perform the builder spec covers currently on their home. - Huntsman Wildlife

    Flush mount dryer vent

    Easy install - Anonymous