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General Directions: The vent can be adapted to many different types of siding.  

For the vent to function properly, it must be installed in a vertical position.  

In most instances, the vent will fit flush to the outside wall.  Simply remove the existing vent and cut the existing vent pipe, leaving 1⁄2 inch length protruding from the outside wall.  This 1⁄2 inch protruding vent pipe should be inserted into the vent.

The 6 1⁄2” square flange on the elbow mounts over top of the existing hole, allowing the air to flow from the existing duct through the 4” elbow and out the bottom of the vent canister.  If the fit doesn’t appear to be airtight, you may have to caulk around the square flanges.

NOTE: The Energy Saving Dryer VentTM does not include vent pipe ducting. 

6 vents come in a case, price is for one vent.

Drrryer Vent

Good service. Item replaced an older one that cracked. Painted up well and installed easily. - James N.

Heartland dryer vent

These dryer vents are the only way to go. Easy-to-install, self cleaning and do well keeping the critters out. Can easily be primed and painted to match a variety of home colors, or left white. I always keep a few on hand because customers frequently see the hassle-free aspect of this style versus having to maintain a louvered or flapper vent to keep the lint clear so it will function properly. - T. K.

Dryer vent

Bought this for my 97 year old grandma. She had this already but the wind blew the lid away. She just needed the lid. - Anonymous

Dryer vent

This product is everything it's described to be having purchased several for family members... over the years it's highly recommend and it looks good too. - Anonymous

great dryer vent

great product - Anonymous

Very efficient solution

Have yet to install but seems to be the right solution for my dryer vent. Will probably order a second one for the bathroom vent as well. - Anonymous

Great product

Easy install and very easily cleaned. Good it can be painted to match siding. - Anonymous

Great product

Easy installation and a great dryer vent - Mike

Dryer Vent

Great vent. Much better quality than the one we replaced. - Tom

Best dryer vent cover

Excellent product. - Anonymous

Dryer Vent-Hearland

The Dryer Vent-Heartland was relatively easy to install on brick by drilling & installing 6 anchors & using the included screws. Most importantly, the leaky draft when the dryer was not in use has mostly been eliminated. This is a good product at a reasonable price. - Charles B