Dog Proof Raccoon Kit

  • Price $56.25 EACH

The Dog Proof Raccoon Trapping Kit is designed to quickly and easily get you started trapping raccoons.  This raccoon trapping kit gives you all of the equipment you need to successfully trap racoons, and opossum's.

The Dog Proof Raccoon Trapping Starter Kit includes:

  • 3 Duke Brand Dog Proof Raccoon Traps
  • 1 Duke DP Set Tool
  • 3 Ausable brand 4' cable extensions with looped end, and swivel end.
  • 3 Quick Links for attaching trap to cable
  • 1 On Target Brand 6oz. Very Berry Raccoon Bait or Sweet Tooth Bait
  • 3 ZCaps to keep Bait fresh
  • 25 Pack Zinc Trap Tags

The Dog Proof Raccoon Trapping Kit represents a great value.  

Once you receive your kit, if you have any questions, just give us a call.  We will answer any and all of your questions to help you to start trapping raccoons successfully.  231-252-4450