DIG DEFENCE 10 pack (40')

  • Price $198.95 EACH
  • Reg Price $229.95

Each DDAC unit is 4 feet in length and 15” in depth, this model contains tines with 1.5” separation.  This 10 pack will protect 40 feet

DDAC, Dig Defence® Animal Control, is our commercial model.  It’s an easy-to-install permanent underground barrier which cost effectively addresses problems with pests and predators digging under the fence to enter a secured area. From zoos to airports and decks to buildings, DDAC will extend the protection of any commercial property perimeter and stop intrusive wildlife.

Additional information:
15″H 4’L with 1.5” spike spacing.

One regular DDAC unit will protect 4 feet of area

  • Our 10 count package = 40 feet

Every year, wildlife problems at airports cause thousands of hours of aircraft downtime and cost the aviation industry billions of dollars.  DDAC will not allow animals to burrow under fences – saving human and animal lives when installed at airports.