• Price $130.00 EACH
  • Reg Price $140.00

The Critter Pole Guard is a barrier that prevents squirrels from gaining access to valuable electrical equipment via a pole.  When Pole Guard is in place, it extends less than one foot from the pole, so it doesn't interfere with routine maintenance.  If necessary, rollers can be easily and quickly removed and re-installed.

Critter Guard’s Pole Guard helps to deter squirrels from gaining access to pole mounted equipment and/or connected power lines and subsequently causing electricity outages. Two plate halves go around your power line pole.  The plate halves, along with the other products included in the Pole Guard kit will block squirrels and other critters from crawling up the pole in the first place, which in return keeps critters off your power line. Once the animal encounters the plates, the critter is forced to the perimeter of the plates where seven rollers hanging on the plate halves will make it difficult for the critters to get past since they spin as the animal tries to climb up.

  • The Pole Guard is engineered to fit a 10 to 12-inch diameter pole. For poles of smaller diameter, we recommend PC Flex conduit as filler between the plate and pole.
  • The Pole Guard plate is made of Acetyl, a resin designed exclusively for extreme outdoor applications.
  • The plate is preformed with conduit cutouts, for a wide range of applications
  • The mounting plate extends less than 10" from the pole, and the rollers attached to the plate can be easily removed, leaving a clearance of only 4-1/2 inches.
  • Spinable rollers that rotate on contact encompass the plate.
  • The Pole Guard is secured by 4 zinc-coated nails

Pole Guard Kit: Includes 2 plate halves, 4 zinc nails, 4 locking pins, 12 Stainless Steel Ties, 4 Clamps, 7 rollers, and Installation Instructions. Packed in a heavy duty plastic bag in a cardboard box.