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    Box style wooden snap trap that is great for squirrels, rats, chipmunks and other medium-sized rodents.  

    Trigger is fired as rodent pulls bait from trap.

    • Designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.
    • Quickly and humanely dispatch rats, ground squirrels, chipmunks and similar sized animals.

    Recommended Products

    Squirrel trap

    Got my trap quickly and works great . - Alvin B.

    Nice and easy to use

    It's a great easy trap to use and have had great success using them. - Anonymous


    It works. - Anonymous

    Critter-Getter traps

    Bought these traps for weasel trapping this winter while they are in the white fur phase.
    Well made. Great value. Can not wait for the winter snow to arrive. - Rob Dawe

    Nice Trap BUT;

    The pine wood want last to long so I’m redoing the traps with cypress all in all it is a very nice trap Thank You - Roland

    Critter Getter wooden squirrel Traps

    It kills the hell out squirrels. Got 12 the first week. Tree rats been eating coating on wires in the 3 story home. - wm hooker


    Best invention since the Gatling Gun.

    Got two squirrels in an hour with a chewey peanut trail bar. I bought two and am very pleased. - C. Kern

    Critter gitter

    This product works excellent, I was able to get 8 squirrels in the first week, they were doing damage to my garden and also the screen on my pool cage. I just made some brackets to fasten them down to the ground. Since then several friends have also ordered this product. - Sal

    This trap works very well I have gotten 5 Grey squirrels in a week. I added a board to the bottom an attached it to the back of the fence with the opening facing down. I have been using packing peanuts to slide on the trigger with peanut butter. Lhave not

    This trap works very well I have gotten 5 big Grey squirrels in a week. I added a board to the bottom and attached it to the back of the fence with the opening facing down. I have been using packing peanuts covered with peanut butter that I slide on the trigger I have also noticed the squirrels go after it in the morning. I would recommend this trap 100% - Todd

    Simply awesome!

    The box is very sturdy. The spring and bar material is very strong.
    The box is light and the squirrels turned it over, so I mounted it on a flat board that allows room to place a heavy rock behind the trap.
    Simple yet highly effective solution to my pest problem. - Anonymous

    Got Em

    Tried several things but this thing works. Baited Gray Squirrels with whole peanuts on ground inside one or 2. Then poked wire trigger through a peanut shell when they grabbed it to go GOT EM. Caught 2 in first few days and left for vacation. I’ll see if there are anymore when I get back. - Anonymous

    Very good.

    The trap works well. - Anonymous

    Haven't used it yet

    It looks to be well-made and functional.

    I haven't had to use it yet -- haven't seen any ground squirrels around and they (or some other critter) haven't tried to dig under my house lately, either.

    Maybe the coyotes, hawks and owls around here are starting to do their jobs :-) - Anonymous

    Name says it all.

    Put it out after I modified it with two screws down from the top to ensure no pulling out. 1/2 hr checked it and got one that couldn’t pull out. - Chuck


    Springs are strong and well constructed, will surly do the job on the pests raiding our bird feeders! - Anonymous

    It Works!

    Last year, I had a lot of trouble with squirrels getting on my balcony and destroying my plants. Not any more! Within a day of setting the trap, I caught a squirrel. Thanks! - Andrew David

    Effective, re-usable, a good value

    Inexpensive, reusable, sturdy, effective against squirrels. Spring can be disconnected from gate while clearing the trap, then reattached to reset trap for re-use. Open bottom makes cleaning easier. Buyer must attach trap to a board for stability and to prevent critters from stealing the bait. - ChrisP Critter


    This trap is working pretty well, a decent price, I just pained them green color and glued a wooden block on three sides for greater stability. - Sergey

    Worked in 1 hour.

    Trapped the red squirrel in under an hour! - Anonymous

    Works per design, but ineffective for very large squirrels

    Trap works as advertised (I baited with some pecans), but does not appear to be particularly effective for our very large eastern gray squirrels. Does not kill or injur them (other than bruising perhaps) such large squirrels, so due to their size, they can eventually flail around and work their way out of the trap through brute strength. - B. WASHINGTON

    Very effective product

    My sister got one of these through an exterminator. She told me about it. The red squirrels can’t resist the peanut butter, and they never leave the trap. - Jim

    Great squirrel trap

    This trap works great for eliminating your squirrel problem! - Phillip Smith

    Sure Fire Squirrel Getter

    After trying several methods to remove squirrels humanely from my home without success I'd had enough. I ordered the Critter Getter, put a flat board on the bottom for stability and to secure it after the catch, and viola, squirrel dispatch had finally begun. This product has been great and I'd recommend it to anyone who has a squirrel invasion. - Daniel


    Note: This is my first purchase from Animal Traps and Supplies.
    I have used Critter Getter Wooden Squirrel Traps for over 12 years now, having purchased my originals of this model from a seller on eBay; I was down to only 3 and they were barely holding up; after searching the internet and checking at our local hardware stores, I couldn't seem to find the exact trap again; during this time, I had purchased several Gopher Getter traps, but they have not proven effective in my situation; I am so thankful to have found Critter Getters here at Animal Traps & Supplies! These traps have served me well in South Florida, keeping squirrels and rats from damaging our fruits, avocados and nuts - including coconut. I strap the Critter Getters with wire to an almost vertical branch or the trunk of the trees; I bait them with coconut meat and the critters can't resist!
    GrannyMitchFL - GrannyMitchFL

    This one works.

    I've bought other squirrel traps that did not work. This one does. The tide of the war is now shifting. The squirrels are in retreat. - Mike

    Great trap!

    Had some issues with red squirrels, and this trap took care of them on the first day! - Anonymous

    Very Effective

    I've been using Critter Gitters for several years. They are great traps! The wooden box finally gave out on my original traps so I purchased some new ones from Animal Traps and Supplies. They only downside is that you have to be very meticulous in setting the trip wire so that it acts like a "hair trigger". If the rod is set too far into the eyelet, the trap may not spring. - Tim

    Pest Control

    Squirrels are SMART!
    The trap must be moved to a different location once you’ve gotten one and change up the “bait” you use.
    I presume the squirrels have set off the trap a few times, so I secure it a little more so it can’t be knocked off the fence line so easily.
    I’ll be buying more next season for sure! - Anonymous


    This squirrel trap, it WILL KILLLLLLLLLLL. - Don

    Awesome trap

    Well made just as I remembered, great communication, swift shipping - Anonymous


    Bait the box you will trap them. Works good. I would recommend attaching it to a board. Seems like my neighbors cat found it with a caught chipmunk and dragged it back home to their door step. That made for a nice conversion. I used a piece of old pressure treated fence board and screwed the box to it....seems to have solve the problem. Ordering 3 more. - Mr Mike

    Death in a box

    So far, I haven't caught any squirrels with it, but I have caught a number of tree rats. I just changed the deployment of it from horizontal to vertical so we will see. I use a piece of corn cob skewered onto the trip lever smeared with peanut butter which seems to work well. The unit is well built and sturdy with heavy duty hardware. Trigger pull is a little heavy compared to a victor rat trap, but it works. Greasing it with a little peanut butter works well too. Releasing the dead rats from this trap is a lot more sanitary then with regular rat traps. Satisfied so far. - Rick Field

    Great Trap

    Have a neighbor who likes to feed the squirrels.
    They come into my garden and eat tomatoes and zucchini.
    Set this trap with a peanut and got one the first day.
    - John

    Too Lightweight

    If you don’t secure this on a heavy wooden base it’s useless. The squirrels just tip it over and eat the bait. - Sarah


    Great product - Anonymous

    Great little trap

    Works great! I got my problem squirrel within 20 minutes of setting the trap. - Anonymous

    Critter Getter

    I've tried a few others - this one is the most workable! - Anonymous

    It works, got a possum initially, works better than anticipated.

    It works, got a possum initially, works better than anticipated. - James D.

    Neck breaker

    Talk about strong , this wood trap will surprise you. Great trap. Ordered a few but after seeing how they work may order some more. - Uncle Slack

    Looks good

    Haven’t had a chance to use them, can’t get to cabin snowed in, - Paul Plughoff

    Still working - doing the job!

    I have been using Critter Getter Traps for about 15 years now; several of my original Critter Getters are quite aged but still terminating the rats and squirrels in our mango, avocado, annonas, coconut, macadamia, etc. I bait them with coconut meat and make sure they are tied on to the tree trunk or a sturdy branch with two tie wraps or the weight of the critters can cause them to fall to the ground and damage the trap. I have sent many pictures over the years to show the various critters captured! I now purchase them by the dozen to get the best discount and to share with neighbors and friends that have a problem with rats or squirrels. - GrannyMitchFL

    Great trap

    Bought this trap for a squirrel problem I had at my beach house it worked perfect for the job. I would recommend this trap to anyone. - Spera

    simple design simple materials

    I only wanted an effective rodent (rat) trap. In Australia we only have super-market like Walmart ect. and no clever, humane and efficient designed control measures. So I searched the net and tried the best I could find that has a simple design and simple materials together it works perfectly steady to set awesome results. Highly recommend. - jack Australia

    Still trying

    I have tried six times to catch the squirrels but only gotten one. But one is better than none. I’ll keep trying. They are not so dumb! I think this is a pretty clever invention. - Donna

    Works, once the squirrels go in it

    Bought 2 of these Critter Getter Traps for family as gift. Their Jeep was destroyed three times by Red Squirrels accessing the vehicle's interior via the motor. It wasn't just the middens of pine cones stuffed in various places. The squirrels love the taste of the Jeep's plastics. Some older vehicles, garage door sealers and other plastics are sweet tasting and irresistible to rodents. Insurance only covers so much. My family spent a lot of their hard earned money in repairs to the vehicle and waited months for the dealership to return it. The squirrels damaging the vehicle had to go. We are a hunting family but using a .22 is not the solution in a neighborhood. Live trapping and relocation is stressful to wildlife. Releasing squirrels in another area forces them and established squirrels to complete for food and shelter. We chose to use this instant kill trap. The squirrel never knows what hit it. Remember to securely attached the traps to boards and bring them in at night so other animals will not drag them off. So far, one Red Squirrel down. Patience is required. If you're in an area where neighbors feed the birds, squirrels will have a variety of food available. It may take longer for them to investigate the trap. We use peanut butter/sunflower balls. - Anonymous

    Worked like a charm!

    Got a squirrel trap.
    Got a squirrel…or two!

    It works! - Anonymous