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Box style wooden snap trap that is great for squirrels, rats, chipmunks and other medium-sized rodents.  

Trigger is fired as rodent pulls bait from trap.

  • Designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.
  • Quickly and humanely dispatch rats, ground squirrels, chipmunks and similar sized animals.
Squirrel trap

Got my trap quickly and works great . - Alvin B.

Nice and easy to use

It's a great easy trap to use and have had great success using them. - Anonymous


It works. - Anonymous

Critter Getter

I was very disappointed that the trap had NO BOTTOM! How are you supposed to put bait (sunflower seeds, etc) in there much less nail it to a tree?
I had to create one. I put the trap in a tree - not on the ground - that's where the squirrels are. - Sharon McDaniel


We have dispatched a few squirrels with these traps but squirrels are cagey critters and have found ways to turn over the traps or otherwise set them off to get the bait without getting caught. A firm anchoring is required and perhaps adding a floor piece of wood might help to keep them effective. - Anonymous

Nice Trap BUT;

The pine wood want last to long so I’m redoing the traps with cypress all in all it is a very nice trap Thank You - Roland

Critter Getter wooden squirrel Traps

It kills the hell out squirrels. Got 12 the first week. Tree rats been eating coating on wires in the 3 story home. - wm hooker

Critter-Getter traps

Bought these traps for weasel trapping this winter while they are in the white fur phase.
Well made. Great value. Can not wait for the winter snow to arrive. - Rob Dawe

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