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Box style wooden snap trap that is great for squirrels, rats, chipmunks and other medium-sized rodents.  

Trigger is fired as rodent pulls bait from trap.

  • Designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.
  • Quickly and humanely dispatch rats, ground squirrels, chipmunks and similar sized animals.
Squirrel trap

Got my trap quickly and works great . - Alvin B.

Nice and easy to use

It's a great easy trap to use and have had great success using them. - Anonymous


It works. - Anonymous

Nice Trap BUT;

The pine wood want last to long so I’m redoing the traps with cypress all in all it is a very nice trap Thank You - Roland

Critter Getter wooden squirrel Traps

It kills the hell out squirrels. Got 12 the first week. Tree rats been eating coating on wires in the 3 story home. - wm hooker

Critter-Getter traps

Bought these traps for weasel trapping this winter while they are in the white fur phase.
Well made. Great value. Can not wait for the winter snow to arrive. - Rob Dawe


Best invention since the Gatling Gun.

Got two squirrels in an hour with a chewey peanut trail bar. I bought two and am very pleased. - C. Kern

Critter gitter

This product works excellent, I was able to get 8 squirrels in the first week, they were doing damage to my garden and also the screen on my pool cage. I just made some brackets to fasten them down to the ground. Since then several friends have also ordered this product. - Sal

This trap works very well I have gotten 5 Grey squirrels in a week. I added a board to the bottom an attached it to the back of the fence with the opening facing down. I have been using packing peanuts to slide on the trigger with peanut butter. Lhave not

This trap works very well I have gotten 5 big Grey squirrels in a week. I added a board to the bottom and attached it to the back of the fence with the opening facing down. I have been using packing peanuts covered with peanut butter that I slide on the trigger I have also noticed the squirrels go after it in the morning. I would recommend this trap 100% - Todd

Simply awesome!

The box is very sturdy. The spring and bar material is very strong.
The box is light and the squirrels turned it over, so I mounted it on a flat board that allows room to place a heavy rock behind the trap.
Simple yet highly effective solution to my pest problem. - Anonymous

Got Em

Tried several things but this thing works. Baited Gray Squirrels with whole peanuts on ground inside one or 2. Then poked wire trigger through a peanut shell when they grabbed it to go GOT EM. Caught 2 in first few days and left for vacation. I’ll see if there are anymore when I get back. - Anonymous

Very good.

The trap works well. - Anonymous

Haven't used it yet

It looks to be well-made and functional.

I haven't had to use it yet -- haven't seen any ground squirrels around and they (or some other critter) haven't tried to dig under my house lately, either.

Maybe the coyotes, hawks and owls around here are starting to do their jobs :-) - Anonymous

Name says it all.

Put it out after I modified it with two screws down from the top to ensure no pulling out. 1/2 hr checked it and got one that couldn’t pull out. - Chuck


Springs are strong and well constructed, will surly do the job on the pests raiding our bird feeders! - Anonymous

It Works!

Last year, I had a lot of trouble with squirrels getting on my balcony and destroying my plants. Not any more! Within a day of setting the trap, I caught a squirrel. Thanks! - Andrew David

Effective, re-usable, a good value

Inexpensive, reusable, sturdy, effective against squirrels. Spring can be disconnected from gate while clearing the trap, then reattached to reset trap for re-use. Open bottom makes cleaning easier. Buyer must attach trap to a board for stability and to prevent critters from stealing the bait. - ChrisP Critter


This trap is working pretty well, a decent price, I just pained them green color and glued a wooden block on three sides for greater stability. - Sergey

Worked in 1 hour.

Trapped the red squirrel in under an hour! - Anonymous

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