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  • Price $69.50 EACH

This handy multi purpose accessory was made to fit over the 9x11 Comstock Cage Traps to bring capture time to a minimum for denning animals like woodchucks, skunks, armadillos, etc.

For transport, the nose cone fits snuggly over the cage, taking up no room. With at least 3 uses, the nose cone can be used to direct animals into Comstock Double Door Cage Traps at den sites, either at free standing dens sites or dens located up against structure, when animals enter or exit dens. When placed sideways against structure, either one or two traps may be used. Secondly, when using bait with either single or double door Comstock Cage Traps, the solid nature of the nose cone prevents animals from reaching in to remove bait. Third, when skunks are captured, the metal nose cone will all but eliminate problems from spraying.

Additionally, covered animals are more protected from harsh sunlight, rain and snow. 24” Long, 9-1/2” x 11”, weather resistant sheet metal, with 1”x1” mesh hinged end flap, to be used with 24”,30”,36” Comstock Cage Traps