Comstock Double Door Trap 36"x12"x12" with 1.5" x 1.5" Wire Mesh CB12DD-36

  • Price $163.30 EACH

Model CB12DD-36, Beaver/Raccoon 12x12 Double Door Trap. This trap measures 36L x 12W x 12H and is constructed with 1.5" x 1.5" 12 gauge wire mesh.

Like the larger 12x18 swim through Comstock Beaver Cage Trap, the 12x12 is designed for beaver and otter to be used in smaller runs, tighter spots, to be placed upside down, but will perform in any position.

The 12x12 sized cage traps have captured beaver 50 pounds and larger. Placed on land the 12x12 will capture large raccoon, armadillos, otters, opossums, woodchucks, skunks, fishers, like size animals and even bobcats.

All Comstock Series Traps are made to order and manufactured on a first in first out basis. Please allow additional processing time for this item to ship.