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CIMI-SHIELD PROTECT 6oz. (yields 1 gl.)

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Ideal for sites where a future problem is anticipated in areas adjacent to active infestations (apartments or hotel rooms) or where bed bugs are likely to be brought in from outside (travelers, hospital settings, dressing rooms). Apply to cracks and crevices, and fabric surfaces like mattresses, furniture, carpets, drapes, etc. Not recommended for active infestations.

Cimi-Shield® Protect is delivered as 6 ounces of liquid that is mixed with distilled water to make a full gallon. One gallon protects 1,200 - 1,500 square feet of fabric or carpet. Most applications require only perimeter treatment. Cimi-Shield contains a UV marker to verify proper evidence of treatment. Cimi-Shield's active ingredient Residulen, a proprietary mixture of proteins synthesized from soybean oil.

2-Month Residual - When applied to fabrics (including bedding, carpets, furniture, drapes) and cracks and crevices, Cimi-Shield's residual will kill bed bugs for up to a full year if undisturbed.

Cimi-Shield is FIFRA 25(b), GRAS (generally regarded as safe). No odor, staining properties are the same as water. UV tracer makes it easy to determine where it's been applied (yields a sparkle under a black light).