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CIMI-SHIELD KNOCK-OUT 6oz. (yields 1 gl.)

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Preferred formulation for active bed bug infestations in maintained environments. Cimi-Shield kills on contact and the non-toxic residual continues to kill newly hatched and introduced bed bugs. No odor, no staining, 100% non-toxic, plus 12 month residual control on textile surfaces like mattresses, furniture, carpets, drapes, etc. 

Cimi-Shield® Knock-Out is delivered as 6 ounces of liquid that is mixed with distilled water to make a full gallon. One gallon protects 1,200 - 1,500 square feet of fabric or carpet. Most applications require only perimeter treatment. Cimi-Shield contains a UV marker to verify proper evidence of treatment. Cimi-Shield's active ingredient Residulen, a proprietary mixture of proteins synthesized from soybean oil.

Cimi-Shield is sprayed from a pump sprayer. It "mechanically" removes the waxy layer, which causes the internal fluid in the bed bug to evaporate in just a few minutes. Barrel-shaped porous carriers are incorporated in the formula to provide for residual. These jagged edged porous carriers become enmeshed in fabrics and textiles (and cracks and crevices). When nymphs or adults are re-introduced, they disturb the porous carriers which causes the active to spill out which causes the kill.

This process is effective against all known strains of bed bugs. Because this is a mechanical process, there is no known resistance to Cimi-Shield.

Cimi Shield Knock-Out is for active infestations and offers a 12 month residual FIFRA 25(b) solution that kills bed-bugs and other similar insects (such as cockroaches, ants, millipedes, carpet beetles, silverfish, fleas, ticks) on contact, and leaves a residual on fabrics and fibers that will continue killing for up to one full year.



  • Kills bed bugs on contact
  • Non-toxic; won’t harm the environment
  • Derived from soybean oil
  • Removes bed bugs’ waxy outer layer
  • Has zero odor
  • Will not stain
  • Easily applies with a pump sprayer
  • Sold as a concentrate, mix with distilled water
  • Meets FIFRA 25(b) Guidelines to be “Generally Regarded As Safe"
  • Delivers 12 months of residual protection on textile surfaces

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It works

This is the only product you can apply on bedsheets and clothing. 3 years battle, $$$ for exterminator and then I found Cimi Shield. Sprayed everything in the room, baseboards, floor, bed frame, drapes, directly all over bedsheets, tufted couch, pillows. So far after 2 weeks just one egg hatched resulting in tiny bite. It takes 72 hours for bed bug to dry out after walking over Cimi Shield so in 1-2 weeks I repeat treatment to make sure.

Bed bugs can survive in the dryer then put all clothing in jumbo size sealed plastic bags 3+mm thick with insecticide strip inside (pack loosely) for 30 days AT ROOM TEMPERATURE 65-85F in the closet that is NOT at your bedroom or kitchen (follow insecticide label). Seal that closet door. When cooked, put on open air for 2 hours, wash with detergent and don’t put you clean clothes in bedroom closet, continue leaving overnight on treated couch so bed bugs get attracted by leftover skin smell and get exposed to Cimi Shield.

Also treat your car (seats, seatbelt, floor and on plastic all around where steering wheel meets console. Do NOT spray on any wires, electronics, gear shift, buttons etc.
To avoid flour like powder residue shake container well frequently during application.
- Anonymous

Slowly but surely

If you are dealing with resistant strain of bed bugs this is your best bet. Don’t expect overnight miracle because not all of bed bugs that you have are coming to feed at once but once they do Cimi Shield got them.
Very useful for apartment situation, create the baseboards-door frames-walls perimeter and stop re-infestations from your neighbors. Pest control pros are waste of money, they don’t have access to any special products - Rose


We hired someone who brought in bed bugs and have had a problem since then. The Cimi Shield is the only thing that works when there is a large household of people and lots of places for bed bugs to hide. I like that it isn't poisonous to humans or other mammals. - Mickey

Dried Out Bed Bugs

We had a friend whose home was infested with bed bugs, and he came over almost daily. Of course, we ended up getting them after we found out he was tired and used our bed. We tried diatomaceous earth, Cutter, and Raid bed bug sprays and it would calm down, but then come back. Using this stuff, although expensive took care of the bed bugs. The best thing is that it is non-poisonous to people, and made with soy which dries out the little buggers. - Works


Works great when all else fails - Eric