• Price $179.95 EACH

Fast and easy to assemble - Animal proof - 5-piece knock-down design requires no special tools to assemble - Type 304 Stainless Steel - 24 gauge hood - 20 gauge base and screen - Available in six stock sizes - 3/4" mesh is standard.

Will fit chimney crowns with minimum overall dimensions of 20" x 44" and flues with heights of less than 5".  Installation hardware is not included.  Stainless Steel Lifetime Warranty.  Made in the USA

Multi Flue Chimney Caps Stainless Steel - Lifetime Warranty Made in the USA

Protects the entire chimney crown and flue from deterioration.  Removable hood for easy cleaning.  Knock-down design saves on shipping costs.  Standard 10" screen height.  3/4" animal proof oval hole mesh.  Wide 1 1/2" flange for easy installtion.  For the correct size measure the overall chimney crown size length and wide.  Than subtract 3" from the lenght and wide, then match that size to the closest size list below.  Please Note:  The highest flue on your chimney MUST BE 5" or less for this type of chimney cap to maintain proper drafting.  For sizes not listed below please email us.  Also available in copper.  Please email us for a price quote.