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  • Price $97.00 EACH

The Catchmaster MaxCatch Giant Glue Boards (MODEL - 24GRB) are the largest glue boards available, measuring 18.5" x 10.5" (127sq inches).  The boards contain Catchmaster's high-quality peanut butter scented glue that will easily capture mice, rats, insects and reptiles such as snakes and lizards.  

The Catchmaster MaxCatch can lie flat, or be folded up into a tent-like tunnel for use in dusty areas.  The MaxCatch is excellent for rodent cleanout of heavily infested areas as the board is designed to be able to hold several rodents at one time.

This giant glue glue board may also be cut to fit into irregularly shaped or confined spaces where rodents, insects or reptiles need to be controlled.

24 boards per case.

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As Always!! - Lavonne

Best for large iguanas

If you're trying to grow your own food, especially greens, sweet potatoes, chaya, etc. and live near water on the Treasure Coast of Florida, you've probably lost your crop to invasive iguanas; unfortunately, we now have 3 species present; I have resorted to growing in large containers that I cover with bird wire; I have observed the iguanas laying on the wire, their weight lowering them to the where they can nibble on the greens; I lay these traps out flat on the wire and the iguanas climb up and get caught in the act :-) I have caught up to 4 large iguanas in one afternoon, using the same trap several times! Happy Day! - GrannyMitchFL