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       Professional Cat Repellent - Neighborhood cats can be an annoyance.  Increasing numbers of feral (wild) cats can become even more of a problem.  Keep cats from lounging and habitually visiting areas for urinating/defecating.  Eliminate unwanted visitors and unpleasant odors.

Use in the garden and around bushes to Keep Cats Safe!

Covers up to 2,400 Square Ft.

May be used in any climate or temperature. 

Keeps Cats Away Naturally! 

Green Solution to Cat Intrusion! 

Scram for Cats™ is specially formulated to NATURALLY train cats to avoid treated areas.  Our unique organic formula provides strong, natural repelling power without harming people, pets or the environment. 

Scram for Cats™ product is exempt from federal EPA pesticide registration under Reg.25(b) of FIFRA.     


1. Remove existing feces prior to applying. (This is the most important step)

2. Before applying, mix and shake vigorously. 

3. Apply by shaking granules in and around the area to be protected. 
The product should repel cats immediately and quickly train them to avoid treated areas.  If necessary, reapply as needed until product is effective and avoidance is demonstrated. 

4. Once repelling action is well established, reapply every two or three weeks.  Reapply after heavy rains.

Cat Deterrent

Just started using product, so trial time is still happening. However, have noticed cats acting differently. Seems like they can pick up scent and appear to be avoiding area where product used. - Deterrent


Once we applied no more cats. You just need to keep up with it - Mary

Slow to work but turned out great

It took a few days to “set in” but eventually the cats did stay out of my flower beds! Honestly, even after I had to add new layers to fill in spots (due to rain) the cats have stayed out! I LOVE that I finally found something g for my potted plants as well! Bonus is that it smells really good and has limited bugs a little bit too - Anonymous


I haven't had a chance to actually use like I've wanted to but I have used and it seems to be working great. This is the first thing I have bought thats actually working for us. - Anita


Did not work. We have a sand box and cats are still using it. We really were hoping this would work. I’m sure it may work for other people so don’t diss this product - Anonymous

Good product

Works well. Cats do not come close. Recommend to reapply if it rains. Overall very happy with the product. - Anonymous

Cat Repellent

Its good - Anonymous