CARDBOARD ATTIC BAFFLES 16" x 23" (50 pack)

  • Price $39.99 EACH

These attic baffles are lightweight, easy to install and provide excellent airflow.  16" wide by 23" long.

Our cardboard attic baffles are 16″ wide with bendable tabs to fit within a 16″ truss.

The baffle may then be stapled to the truss to hold them in place.

50 baffles total.

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just what I needed.

the cardboard baffles worked out great. We had a few spots that made it necessary to cut or bend the baffles, and since the baffles are cardboard, it was easy to alter them to fit our rafter areas. They arrive in just a couple of days. We will be blowing in insulation next week. - Rich