CAPA Long Range Cartridges 25pk.

  • Price $730.00 EACH

CAPA is the only cartridge of its kind and the best product available for high-flying raptors and hard to reach areas. 

The CAPA cartridge travels roughly 1,000 feet down range before it emits a 150db report that startles birds and wildlife in the vicinity. 

A Federal Explosives Permit is required for CAPA purchases. If you do not have an ATF Federal Explosives Permit, please refer to our Support page which discusses all the information you need to obtain one. These include the necessary documents, forms and fees for the permit. Contact details of pertinent agencies are also listed. 

Federal, State, and local agencies are not required to possess a Permit or License, but must maintain proper storage and record-keeping in accordance with ATF regulations.  

18mm CAPA Long Range Exploder

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