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  • Price $10.95 EACH

4 small Cahaba Snake Trap glue traps.  Designed for snakes, but will also will help control mice, lizards, insects and spiders.  Great for Brown recluse spiders indoors.

Constructed with the best adhesive available.

Best adhesive available.  Size is 8.5 x 5 inches and 42.5 square inches of catch  power.  

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Great for invasive lizards

Here on the Treasure Coast of Florida, we have several new invasive species of lizards; the curly tail is especially problematic as it eats almost anything - especially edibles that I grow for my family; these glue boards have been great in at least thinning their numbers; if I do catch a beneficial snake or native lizard, I can easily release it by using some coconut oil. - GrannyMitchFL