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FOUNDATION Vents provide cross circulation in the subfloor of a home. Unfortunately, they also allow highly flammable debris, such as dried leaves, to build up underneath. During wildfires, flames and dangerous burning embers can enter through standard mesh vents- even 1/8” mesh- and start a fire.

Brandguard Foundation vents have a unique patented with design with an overlapping baffle front which are tested and approved to be used in high severity fire hazard zones.

Additionally, the overlapping baffles in our Foundation Vents keep out driving rain, snow and pests. Rodents, such as rats and mice, can easily chew through standard mesh vents, but are unable to penetrate our study thick metal baffles.

All of our products are made with 26ga G90 Galvanized steel and come with a 20 year limited Warranty.


FOUNDATION VENTS  SIZE (L x W) DESCRIPTION Model # Flange Type Flange Description NFVA
(sq. in.)


14" x 5.5" Foundation Vent FV2011-PG Plaster Ground 7/8" Setback 23.4  
  14" x 5.5" Foundation Vent FV2011-FF Siding Flange Front 23.4  
  14" x 5.5" Foundation Vent FV2011-FB Flange Back 1-1/2" Setback 23.4  


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Good fire resistant vent

I'm replacing the existing 1/4" screen vents on my home with these vents. Unfortunately, the new vent is not precisely the right size of my current vents, but that was known before I ordered. Be sure to specify which flange you require when you order. I ordered the retrofit flange (-R). These vents are California Chapter 7a wildfire compliant. - Anonymous