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  Safety Solvent Cleaner

  Reduce Time and Energy Spent on Cleanup

  Thoroughly Dissolves Hard-to-Remove Residue

High quality formula quickly removes residue off of equipment and surfaces from Bird Proof Gel and 4 The Birds Liquid RepellentExceptional dissolving power makes this solvent faster and easier to use than traditional alternatives. Easily cleans application equipment, tools, and surfaces.

  • Non-flammable & water-soluble, Neutral pH
  • Colorless, non-foaming
  • Slow-Evaporating for ease of use
  • Free from chlorinated solvents & chloro-fluoro-carbons
  • Harmless to clothing, fabric, & carpeting

*Due to its liquid nature & potential volatility, we cannot ship this item via air. If you purchase this item with other products, we will ship it separately.