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The Bird Spider 360° is a physical bird deterrent that rotates and bounces in the wind to deter large birds from landing on unwanted areas such as light fixtures, boats, docks, signs, rooftops, A.C. units and more.  The moving parts make it impossible for large birds such as pigeons, crows and gulls to land in concentrated areas.

An improvement on the original Bird Spider design, the Bird Spider 360° is made of durable yet lightweight materials that are designed for prolonged outdoor use.  The body and base are composed of a U.V. protected polycarbonate plastic, and the arms marine grade stainless steel.  

The Bird Spider is made of stainless steel arms attached to a UV protected polycarbonate base.  Each “arm” of the bird spider is fitted with polycarbonate tip to assist in movement and prevent scuffing.  Bird spiders are offered in four different sizes: 2’, 4’, 6’ & 8’ and have several optional bases for easy removal and storage.


Bird Spiders are manufactured by Bird-B-Gone in the USA!

♦ Virtually invisible!
♦ Polycarbonate tips prevent scuffing!
♦ Easy to store away for later use!
♦ No assembly required!
♦ Ideal for use on boats & marinas!
♦ Made in the USA by Bird-B-Gone!
♦ Optional bases make the Bird Spider adaptable & versatile!
♦ Available in 8', 6', 4' & 2' diameters!

Bird Spider 360 on Air Conditioning

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Bought 1 and it worked, so we bought more

We have a business with outdoor canopies to provide shade. The pigeons love to walk on the canopies and sit on the top of the center support poles. We purchased one of these as a test and that canopy has not seen any pigeons in months. We tried other items as a deterrent with not luck. We just purchased additional bird spiders for the rest of our canopies. - B. F.