• Price $12.00 EACH
  • Reg Price $14.00

Zippers make it easy to gain access behind bird netting installations.  Zippers are installed over areas that will need to be opened such as under lighting fixtures or A.C. units.

The Zippers come in various sizes and are attached directly to the netting.  When someone needs access behind netting, you simply un-zip the area. 

  • Allows access behind netted-off areas
  • Available in multiple sizes to match your application

Allow access to lights, air conditioners, or any other reason an opening may be required after the net is installed.  Install zippers LAST, after net has been completely installed, by hog-ringing the fabric of the closed zipper to the netting.  Once attached, unzip the zipper and cut the exposed netting down the middle of the zipper.  Close the zipper and you're done.