• Price $3,300.00 EACH

This bird hazer is an affordable hazing system that releases a fine fog (less than 1-micron particle size) of methyl anthranilate repellent into the air.  

Each main control unit controls up to 6 satellite units for full perimeter coverage.

Bird hazing systems are designed to deploy a light vapor of bird repellent made with Methyl Anthranilate (MA), a non-toxic, food-grade ingredient.  When birds fly through and breathe the fine mist of MA, their mucous membranes become irritated. Harmless to birds and people, birds associate the haze with the area and leave the location.  


  • Reliable, field tested by Bird B Gone technicians
  • Adds recurring revenue to your bird control business
  • More efficient and cost effective than other bird hazing units
    • Covers more area using less product
    • Smallest particle size – less than one micron
    • Haze stays airborne longer
    • Multi-head unit vs. single head unit offers greatest coverage
  • Simple to install and operate; plug-n-play
  • Weatherproof design guarantees reliability
  • Setup consultation, support and installation video with every unit
  • One year manufacturer’s warranty

Effective against small birds especially sparrows

Ideal for use in factories, warehouses, airplane hangars, outdoor eating areas and more!