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  • Price $31.25 EACH
  • Reg Price $34.00

The first beaver trap to feature an 8 1/2" jaw spread.  The TS-85 is truly revolutionary in it's simplicity.

The TS-85 has heavy .187" thick custom made music wire springs, a fully adjustable pan for both tension and travel, a heavy 3/8" welded baseplate, and riveted jaws.

This trap offers superior holding power through precision design in the curvature built into the jaws, which allows the levers to lock up as the trap closes.

Comes complete with 8" of TS-85 chain, and 2 Crunchproof swivels.

Be sure to set the TS-85 (or any trap) so the beaver steps between the jaws, as opposed to over the loose jaw. A large beaver’s back foot may actually span a smaller trap’s jaw spread if it’s stepping over the loose jaw, much like you might step on a beaver trap with your boot across the jaws to fire it.

The TS-85 is a great choice for top wolf and mt lion trappers when modified.

Made in the U.S.A.

Beaver problem

These suckers get the job done. Used as designed, they will hold those suckers. Caught one of the biggest beaver I've ever seen the other night. Had to weigh close to 60 lbs. - Anonymous