• Price $30.00 EACH
  • Reg Price $35.99

The one - way chute design of BAT -X allows flying animals to leave, but never lets them return!  

Just peel the protective paper strip from the adhesive and press BAT -X around the opening, completely encompassing the entry point.  

You don't have to use screws and nails to install this Bat Valve.

    •    Takes only minutes to install

    •    NO tools required

    •    Save time and money

    •    Attaches to most surfaces such as roof shingles, aluminum, wood, brick, and vinyl

    •    Flexible design allows for uneven surfaces

    •    Works on inside and outside corners, as well as hard to reach areas

    •    Removes easily with little to NO residue

    •    Use the UV and microbial resistant adhesive strip to fill hole opening when finished

It is about 24" long.

Customer service

The bat device worked fine, but the customer service was exception. The owner gave me some good tips on how to use the device and then sent it to me quickly.

This Is the best wildlife supply company in the USA ! - Anonymous

Eviction Notice Served

The product was shipped quickly—thank you ATS.
While installing the device the nose cone fell out of the plastic tip, trying to get it back in the plastic starting coming apart at the seam. For $40 the construction is terrible, but the adhesive—an hvac sealing putty— worked well. At its largest it covers an area approx. 1ft wide and 1 1/2 feet tall. - Andrew

Bat-X One Way Valve.

Awesome product. Works just like they describe. - Anonymous

It works

I installed 2 traps yesterday but had to attach to plywood because of the size of the hold that bats were coming out of. Once installed I checked earlier that next morning and I could not believe how many bats were flying around. I could tell they were trying to find their way back inside the building where they came from but they could not. I will keep checking to make sure later but for now so far so good. - Anonymous