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    The innovative design of the Bat Evictor is ideal when a flexible shape is better suited to cover the main entry point of the bat colony.  It comes with a built-in flange which makes it effective for virtually any surface application.  Built-in mounting holes are another design feature, making for easier and quicker installation of this flexible and sturdy bat removal system.

    Designed for multiple uses and other wildlife species: Bats, Small Squirrels, Sparrows, Starlings, and other small rodents.

    Made from plastic, with built-in flexible flange with mounting holes.  Can be used on inside corners, or on any flat surface.

    The Bat Evictor is 6" tall with a 6" mounting flange.  The valve is 2.25" wide at the flange, and 1 5/8" wide at the exit.

    Discounts are available for bulk purchases, please contact us for details. 

    Keep in mind, proper bat exclusion is a highly skilled service, and if done improperly, bats will only return or never leave.

    1. Verify that the animals are bats
    2. Check your state regulations for laws on bat removal and times of year bats can legally be evicted
    3. Identify the holes the bats use for entering the structure
    4. Close off all bat entry points using proper sealants except for the main entry points
    5. Install The Bat Evictor over the remaining bat exit points left open
    6. Perform a bat watch during proper weather conditions.
    7. 30 minutes before sunset watch for bat activity near the areas where you installed The Bat Evictor
    8. Leave The Bat Evictor in place until all the bats have exited the building (in perfect conditions this only takes a couple of nights)
    9. Remove The Bat Evictor device and permanently seal off the bat’s exit point

    Tip: Bats can leave behind hazardous waste which needs cleanup; after you perform the bat control service you should sanitize the soiled areas.

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    Bat Excluder

    Excellent product. I’m glad to see that someone designed a bat excluder with a flange made onto it. It’s definitely an improvement, and makes mounting it much easier.
    I’m glad I ordered 24 of them, most of them are in use already.
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    Excellent product. I’m very happy to know that someone has finally designed an excluder with a flexible flange built onto a rigid tube. I highly recommend this product for bat removal.
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