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For use on Pigeons.  Follow label directions entirely. All other bird species are federally protected and may require federal permits to control.

Avitrol is a Restricted Use product for the control of pigeons, sparrows, and starlings.  Avitrol Whole Corn is a poison with flock alarming properties used for the control of Feral Pigeons (Columba livia) in, on or in the area of structures, feeding, nesting, loafing and roosting sites, in such a way that a part of a flock may react and frighten the rest away. Birds that react and alarm a flock usually die.

RESTRICTED USE PESTICIDE - MUST HAVE VALID STATE LICENSE TO PURCHASE.  Please email a copy of your license when ordering.

When using Avitrol, a) Survey the site in accordance with NPMA survey recommendations, b) Prebait the site at locations indicated by your survey with a food similar to the Avitrol bait which will be used. For instance, prebait with clean, whole kernel corn if you plan to bait with Avitrol Whole corn. c) We recommend prebaiting and baiting for pigeons in wooden bait trays, two feet square or larger. d) We are frequently asked how long to prebait. The answer is as long as it takes. Prebaiting should continue uninterrupted until the flock is eating well. This will usually require two weeks or less but in some cases a substantially longer period is required. e) When prebaiting, it is helpful to remember that a flock of 100 pigeons will eat seven to ten (7-10) pounds of grain bait per day. When bait acceptance is good, one would expect the flock to eat three and one-half to ten pounds of grain per hundred birds per day. f) Once the prebait is accepted as described above, decide upon a blend ratio of Avitrol treated grain to untreated grain. The higher the percentage of Avitrol treated grain in the blend, the higher the mortality but usually the quicker the results. g) Using Avitrol treated grain similar to the grain used for prebaiting, blend the treated bait following label instructions and precautions and place it in the bait locations used for prebaiting. Do not allow a lapse of time between prebaiting and baiting. h) Since there will always be mortality, arrange to pick up dead and dying birds promptly and dispose of them in accordance with local and label regulations. Failure to do this is the most common cause of public complaint. i) Birds accustomed to taking prebait will usually go directly to the bait after leaving the roost in the morning. Because they have fasted all night, their metabolism will be relatively high and the effect of any chemical will be felt more quickly than at other times of the day. Therefore, it is recommended that the blend of treated and untreated bait be exposed before daylight on the treatment days and in sensitive areas picked up on the same day. j) Cycle the above steps until you achieve the control you require.


  • Keeps desired properties clear of bird droppings and nests.
  • Utilizes active ingredient, 4-aminopyridine that has been proven pain free for birds.
  • Contains technology that frightens birds and triggers them to never come back to the treated site.
  • Whole corn is large enough for pigeons but is too large to attract non-target birds.
  • This product is registered in all 50 states in the US.
  • Avitrol Whole Corn