AuSable Brand Trappers Hardwood Veneer Pack Basket 20"

  • Price $69.00 EACH

AuSable Brand Trappers Hardwood Veneer Pack Basket 20"  

Each of the baskets in our AuSable Pack Basket Collection offers sturdy support for your active lifestyle. Inspired by the traditional pack basket, our baskets are woven with 1-inch strips of Authentic Maple. Made in the U.S.A. by professionals. Each basket is made by hand from start to finish. Relentless attention to detail and quality assurance for our customers, is ensured with each basket. Whether you are carrying one of our packs through the woods or through rivers, your basket will maintain its integrity.

Packbasket Size:

  • Dimensions 20x15x12


Trapping Basket

My Husband was a trapper in NW Pennsylvania. He had and used one of these baskets. He loved it.
It was burned up in an unfortunate fire at our business ( 2012).
My Grandson(15 YO) is now Trapping in NW PA. It was fitting to get him the same basket.
Thank you - Pat

I'm happier now

I've been looking for a good, reasonable pack basket pack for quite a while. Light forest walks are more comfortable with my few odd tools. I could carry some, but I'm older now and like to keep my hands free. I'm sure I'll be enjoying more time in the woods as the weather improves. - Anonymous

Amazingly perfect

Looked all over the Adirondacks for a Pack Basket for a fundraiser, could not find what we were looking for so looked online and found ATS, ordered the product, it shipped right away and we were able to complete our Adirondack Pack Basket for the fundraiser. The basket was perfect and of great quality. Would definitely order again. Thank you. - Anonymous