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Great product for stinging insects.  Apicide is a 5% carbaryl (Sevin) dust in a ready-to-use applicator canister with a 6" extension straw for pinpoint and effective elimination of honey bees, carpenter bees and wasps including yellowjackets and hornets.

Works best where jet spray aerosols fail, in nests where all you see are wasps or yellow jackets dissappearing into a crack in the mortar or a hole in the ground.  The dust is carried deep into the nest by returning bees, thereby eliminating the entire colony.

Apicide is effective for treating bees, wasps, and hornets in wall voids.  The entrance where the bees are entering, whether it be a hornets nest entrance or the entrance to a wall, can be dusted.  The bees track this dust deep inside the nest killing the bees as they brush up against the "infested" bee or as the bees groom each other, etc.

Apicide is a 5% carbaryl (Sevin) dust.

Apicide® is not for sale in California

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Great pest attack!!

Had yellowjackets in our dose and they were gone. Great application and results! - Doug L.

Weather changed when I recieved it

Seems to work well the weather changed just as I got mine in the mail so I'm not positive if it worked iv had 3 bees in my house alive since I used it, before it was about ten a day so either the product worked great or they went into hibernation, we will find out once I find the hive - Anonymous


It worked - Anonymous

Works like magic

Seriously works on bees! Price was good. Shipping was a bit expensive but totally worth it. Buy in bulk you won’t regret it - Michelle

Apicide powder

This was used to get rid of a nest of yellow jackets in a unused clothes dryer vent hanging on the side of the house. Because the nest was hanging out of the vent, it was difficult to spray directly into the small entrance openings. Two applications after dark did the job. The nest is completely dead after four days. Allow the bees time to track the powder deep into the nest. I have used this product for many years - - never failed to work yet! - Anonymous

Bee's Please Bee Gone!!!

I started out with a wasp issue and they where getting into the house. I tried over $150 in spay aerosols and the only damage was to my wallet. So then I heard about powder products and decided I would look into it. I found A lot of expensive remedies and one cheap one, apicide. I normally dont trust cheaper products and I would have never tried it if I hadnt been half broke already till my next payday. It worked like a charm. My first attempt whipped out 80% and the next night I added another puff of this stuff and Boom, wouldn't ya know it, the Bee's are no more, they have meet their match and timely death with apicide. - Timothy Miller


Have used apicide for years. Very effective. Service from ATS was very good. I dealt with a pleasant individual and delivery was prompt. I recommend this company. - Gerard