AAC XclusionPro XL® Roof Vent Guards 30"x30"x11"

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  • Reg Price $110.00


Attic Fan Vent Pest Guard

Inner measurements at base = 30″ X 30″
Measurements at base including screw tabs = 32″ X 32″
Inner measurements at top = 28″ X 28″

The XclusionPro® XL power attic fan pest guard prevents rodents like mice and rats as well as animals like raccoons and squirrels. This vent guard will also keep out bats, birds, and even stinging insects. The metal construction is completely breathable and still allows for proper maximum airflow.

Reviewed by attic ventilation and moisture damage expert William B. Rose, this heavy duty galvannealed powder coated steel provides long term protection against pest entry as well as excellent airflow.

Additional information

Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 32 × 11 in

XclusionPro XL stops animal entry and prevents damage to attic vents. 

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