AAC Xclusion Pro Super Sealant

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1 case = 12” x 12” x 10”, 25 LBS

30 tubes per case.  24 cases per pallet.  Ultra Clear Sealant.

Ideally all surfaces should be clean and dry prior to application.  When temperature is below 40 degrees F, application will be easier if sealant is kept warm.

Cut nozzle to desired bead size (1/4" minimum) and puncture inner seal.

Wipe off excess sealant with dry disposable cloth.  Use mineral spirits to clean tools.

If painting with latex paint, allow sealant to dry 24 hours before painting.

Coverage: One 10.3oz tube will cover approximately 30 LF when applied in a 1/4" bead.

Cure time: Approximately 1 week (dependent on temperature, humidity and bead size.

Shelf life: 12 months

Storage Conditions: Clean, dry, indoor environment, out of direct sunlight, in an unopened container.

Note: Not for use in potable water applications.

AAC-ProLine™ – Removal and Exclusion Equipment for Wildlife Control  Professionals

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The best

This product is the best I only use supper sealant for my company - Kyle