AAC Kritter Cap® PRO Kit 10 pack

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The Kritter Cap Pro kit comes with everything you need to successfully keep critters from entering on a vinyl outside corner. These caps are molded with glass in the mold to help prevent any chewing. The removable tabs allow a critter cap to fit most all vinyl corners with little effort. Each kit contains 10 kritter caps, an inspection mirror, a flashlight, and a set of small cutters to help trim the pieces to make the cap fit properly. Each kit also comes with installation instructions.

Kritter Cap® PROs fit perfectly in vinyl siding corner caps, blocking this passageway. Bats, mice, insects, and other pests travel up these siding corners, often gaining access into the attic or walls. Kritter Caps® snap into place so no tools are necessary. They are completely hidden once installed, and secure themselves without any fasteners. As caps are hidden and not seen once installed. Kritter Cap® Pro is black in color and look like a dark shadow if someone looks up at the cap. Use Kritter Caps® for a professionally finish to your pest exclusion.

Kritter Cap® PRO is a new design produced specifically for the wildlife control industry. A new formulation of plastic combined with glass deters chewing, thus improving the original design.

Each Kit  Includes

• 10 Kritter Cap® PROs
• Inspection Mirror
• Flashlight
• Snips


There are roughly 36 million vinyl-sided homes in the US; most have four outside corner posts.

Mice, rats, chipmunks, bats, and even snakes will go up these outside corner posts, enter the soffit, and into the attic. The **NEW & IMPROVED** KritterCap® PRO is made of heavy duty ABS with glass to detour chewing. Easy Install, Easy Up-sell. INCREASE YOUR PROFITS IN MINUTES!


Stop stuffing mesh, steel wool, foam, and caulk up the corners. Give your customers the professional exclusion product made for the job. KritterCap® PRO

KritterCap® is a registered trademark of Stouffer Technologies, Inc.

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